• Roofing Basics for 2021 – Key Factors to Keep in Mind

    Although the National Roofing Contractors Association advises that you should get roof inspections and repairs at least twice a year, most property owners have had to delay their plans all through 2020. The COVID pandemic and lockdowns resulted in people putting off any projects they needed. Experts estimate that there’s likely to be a high demand for roofing repairs in 2021, and you may want to prepare for not just a shortage of materials, but also the probability of higher costs. According to Consumer Reports, the average cost of replacing roofs is anywhere from $4,700 to $9,200. Read ahead for some basic information you’ll find helpful.

    Repairs or Replacement? The Roofing Contractors Will Make Recommendations

    If your roof has suffered significant weather damage, there is no question that you’ll get it replaced entirely. However, often minor leaks indicate substantial damage and the need for extensive repairs. After a detailed inspection, the roofing contractors may advise filling cracks with caulking or replacing the loose, old, and worn-out shingles. Repairing or installing new flashing could also resolve the issues. Typically, if the roof is more than 20 years old and is out of warranty, you might want to opt for a complete rehaul.

    Choosing Roofing Materials – Asphalt and Tile

    Aesthetics aside, you’ll choose the best roofing materials according to their durability, cost, and the climatic conditions of the location where you live. The most commonly used roofing category is asphalt shingles that are available in a selection of colors, designs, and finishes. Their versatility makes them suitable for most architectural styles. Alternatively, you could go with tile, metal, and slate, which may cost you on the higher side. If you live in locations like Florida and southwestern states, tiles would be a great choice since the material reflects heat and sunshine and keeps the interiors cool. Tile is also suitable for homes that have a Mediterranean-style theme. 

    Metal and Slate are More Durable

    If durability is your prime objective, metal roofing would be your choice. Metal is likely to last you at least 50 years or more, in contrast to asphalt that gives you at least 20 to 22 years. The longevity of asphalt depends on the different kinds, for instance, you can expect that dimensional shingles will remain functional from 25 to 28 years. Possibly the most durable roofing material is slate that has an average lifespan of 100 years or more if you can keep it well-maintained. Slate is the preferred choice for homes in the northeast of the country, where you’re likely to come across houses from the 1800s with Gothic or Victorian building techniques.

    Rely on Your Contractors for Advice

    Estimating the cost of each roofing category is best left to expert roofing contractors. They’ll factor in the cost of the material, installation costs, and warranty before recommending the best roofing that matches your needs. 

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