RH Carpet Cleaning

When choosing a type of flooring for your home, you need to make sure that you consider a variety of factors. One that is always worth bearing in mind is how much maintenance the floor will need. This could inform much of your decision on which flooring is best for you. Here are three of the most low-maintenance types of flooring that could fit into your home.

Wood Floors

Many people think that wood and wood-effect floors like laminate are going to be very high maintenance, and they could end up avoiding them. However, these are often a great choice. Wood floors always look amazing, and they can bring a lot of prestige to a home.

Most wood floors need a regular sweep and an occasional mop with a damp cloth. The most important thing that you need to watch for with wooden floors is that they do not get overly wet. Should you spill any liquids on them, you need to clear them up as soon as possible so that there is no warping. Even with minimal care, you will find that wood floors look fantastic for a long time into the future.



Carpets are a great option for those who want low-maintenance floors. Of course, many people can be cautious of carpets because they are worried that they will become stained. However, choosing one with a good mix of colours and tone should help to hide a stain if one does occur.

With a carpet, it is important that you get it cleaned every now and then. They can retain a lot of dirt and dust that the average vacuum cleaner won’t be able to lift. Using a professional service like the one offered by rhcarpetcleaning.ie will help to ensure that your carpet is always as clean and as hygienic as can be.


Finally, a great option for low-maintenance flooring can be tiles. Whether you opt for an eye-catching pattern or you just want a simple design, there are so many choices out there that could suit your home.

Tiles are great because they are so easy to keep clean. As with wood floors, you will be able to do most of the work with a brush every now and then plus a mop. One factor that often puts people off tile flooring is that it can be very cold underfoot. However, that is easily solved with either a rug or underfloor heating. Don’t discount tiled floors – they might be the perfect addition to your home.

A house can require an awful lot of upkeep and maintenance. You need to therefore make smart choices with your décor. The floors listed above could be a fantastic option. Take the time to find the right floors for your home! Not only should they tie in impeccably with your interior decorating and furniture, but they should also be easy for you to take care of. Could one of the choices above be right for you?