Residence Design Interplay Between Contemporary and Classical Style of Architecture | Uneven

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Residence Design Interplay Between Contemporary and Classical Style of Architecture | Uneven

Kalrav Residence

The residence designed for Mr Sachin Patel is a perfect example of the interplay between the contemporary and classical style of architecture. In an attempt to blur the lines between the new and the old, thus Kalrav was designed. It overlooks a lake making it a pleasurable place to live.

The approach to the bungalow is through a linear driveway sided by coconut trees and landscape at sides in an organic pattern; with the flooring that integrates stones that run in a circular fashion.


The exterior design incorporates earthen colours that emphasise the sobriety of the volumes. The windows on either side of the facade have been veiled with exposed brick arches and the brickwork end with a gable at the top with an intricately carved cornice.

Though there has been a range of styles that have blended in the design, the symmetry of their characteristics and forms have been followed through and through.

The driveway escorts one to a Grand porch with a figure of Lord Shiva engraved on grey Kandla stone. The entry of the bungalow is through the first floor. The entrance leads one to a foyer that opens up into a lounge. Long, double heightened gothic arches with fixed glass separate the foyer and the lounge.

The arches are carved in wood with the central arch having a floral jalli that runs till the top of the arch.


There are four intermingling wooden chakras that resemble rose windows of a church of the gothic era, set in modern times. The arches along with the carvings act as the centre of attraction in the interior of the bungalow. The lounge is double height with a gable roof cladding with wood on the interior.


The three chandeliers in this space are inspired by a blooming lotus which is hung upside down from the ridge. The lounge is the central part of the first floor, which opens up into other rooms such as the pooja room, family room, formal sitting, parent’s room and veranda.


The veranda with exposed brick columns opens into the garden with a vista of a line of date palms, and a landscape inspired by the yin-yang symbol made from the pebbles and grass. A curved pathway runs from the veranda to the garden on the south of the site.


The folded plate staircase in the lounge runs down to the ground floor, with a family sitting that opens into the deck and the swimming pool. The swimming pool has been enclosed with a blanket of exposed brick arches that compliment the arches in the front facade.



There are lounge lights for setting the ambience of the pool area between two arches that sets a certain mood as one enters the area. The deck opens to the backyard and the vegetable garden. The ground floor also has a theatre with a collage of posters and stills from movies as a backdrop of the room.



The second floor of the bungalow houses three bedrooms and a terrace garden covered with pergolas.

Each bedroom of the bungalow has been given close attention to detail of the interiors, with each of them being different from the other but none outweighing the features of the other.


The minimalist and classy interiors maintain the charm of the bungalow in all corners. A wide range of artefacts ornament the interiors along with floral wallpapers and wooden cladding.



Clients Name– Mr Sachin Patel

Address– Bil Village, Vadodara

Project type: High-end Residence

Plot Area: 21606 sq. ft.

Built-Up Area: 14875 sq. ft.

Design Team: Paresh Patel, Hardik Kharadi, Rajan Patel , Ami Shah ,Parita Jani , Swati Kadam, and Aarushi Khakkar

Structural consultant : Zarna Associates

Civil Contractor: Mr Bharat Mistry

Landscape Design: UNEVEN

Photography Credits: Darshan Dave


Profile of UNEVEN: Our Firm

I am Vibrant, I am Subtle

I look at the bigger picture, My heart lies in minute details

I dream, I plan the course of the journey

I am the face, I am the heart


We are so very different, so uneven;

and we get together to create a balance!


In Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang are used to describing how apparently opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary. At Uneven the two founders Shourya Patel and Dexter Fernandes have, over the past decade proved this philosophy to be true, yet again!


Working with two of the most distinguished architectural & interior design firms of Vadodara respectively, the two founders had the inner urge to start a practice of their own. One which would allow them to choose projects which offer creative freedom. Right from the beginning in 2007 till now, ‘no limits’ is the buzzwords at Uneven. Constantly challenging the norm, constantly pushing for innovations, constantly striving to achieve something new and elusive… Along with architecture and interior design, our repertoire includes designing weddings, sets, exhibition stalls and various events.


Over the years Uneven has grown to a team of over 20 professional ‘friends’. The term ‘friends’ is used because a rare sense of comradely exists amongst the team working in a fun filled atmosphere at the studio. Be it an impromptu dance, an enviable playlist of music played at all times, a pet dog ‘short circuit’ as part of the team, theme oriented days celebrated with crazy fervor or coming up with countless reasons to party…we take our work seriously…but we don’t take ourselves seriously. And hence can retain our freshness.


We are working on strategic design projects not just in Vadodara, but also in Raipur, Chennai, Mehsana,

Aurangabad, Mumbai, Anand, Mundra and many more. A lot of our work has been featured in various leading magazines for architecture and interior design like Society interiors, inside outside, Trends, Home Review, Better Interiors, and many more…


“Architecture is inhabited sculpture”


If asked for two attributes that define Uneven, then it surely would be Passion & Love for art & architecture.  A rigorous design process is adopted wherein the project is taken up with a 360 degree approach. Whereby ensuring that each element, be it the form, the function, the branding and the interiors go in sync with the basic idea. This enables each of our work to stand out due to the detailing on each and every aspect. No wonder our design projects have been awarded in each of the categories from a small aquarium studio to large luxury housing project to individual bungalow designs.



Youthful, Energetic, Approachable


A cohesive team, with each member pitching in their best, is what defines the people at Uneven. Possessing a flat structure, ideas at times even come from the junior-most member of the team. The team members collaborate, working seamlessly with the clients on one hand and the suppliers/craftsmen on the other to ensure smooth functioning and efficient project management. A process led approach towards work ensures each stage gets its due importance, resulting in a stellar product full of finesses and character…with a stamp of Uneven! The atmosphere at the Uneven Office is one that makes the clients feel at home. Creating relationships with our valued clients that shall last a lifetime.


We believe in our processes and our ideas, and are in love with the work and the projects we do. No efforts are spared to get the right feel to the project. We bend backwards to help our clients achieve their desired results. We also do not compromise to make our clients happy, and if required defend our ideas with passionate zeal.


No cutting corners, No Shortcuts, Yes to Risks, Yes to Innovation. Prospective clients…beware!




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