Residence Design Blending In Modern Aspirations And Traditional Values | Space Frame Architects-Indore

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Residence Design Blending In Modern Aspirations And Traditional Values | Space Frame Architects-Indore

A multi-generation house conceived and manifested as a blend of modern aspirations and traditional values of its inhabitants. The site context was of utmost importance during the conceptualization stage. With the road on three sides and houses all around, it called for astute design development. The “House of Stories” is a design that coalesces a variety of elements to form an expressive space that meets the desires of the client and stands out as a piece of architecture.

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We instituted simple rules to manipulate the microclimate of the habitable sections of the home. Pockets of greenery, short shrubs on the eastern lawn, and lofty trees on the western side helped envelop the home in coolness and crank down the solar glare. In addition, the bedrooms were angled towards the north, east, and west, and fitted with floor-to-ceiling windows, whereas the south facade was designed with smaller openings, overhangs to keep a comfortable temperature.

The lush green lawn and the kiosk act as an inviting foreground for the home. The heart of the design, the courtyard, is an open yet private space in the house and ensures a completely relaxing atmosphere, and is well connected with nature.

Living Room

The living area corner is a confluence of traditional and modern. It is a place where family members often spend maximum time together and therefore, it is designed to maximize conversations, interactions, and laughter. While big windows with shear curtains add depth of character to space, wooden traditional swing integrates into this urban home. It perfectly complements the character of the house and adds a sense of relaxation to it.

Dining Room

The dining area maintains neutral and formal aesthetics but is at once beguiling and chic. The focus was to make the space comfortable for family gatherings lifestyle, with relatives and friends. Everything from the textures, the materials used, the shape of the chairs, the placement of objects, the antique pieces, the lighting is designed to make a phenomenal change in the way one experiences classical and contemporary design. An ample amount of light was provided to flow through and reflect.

Parents Room

The parent’s bedroom is the definition of calmness, where shades of blues and tans miraculously soothe your nerves and renders warmth and coziness to the space. The furniture is kept to a basic minimum to add to the spaciousness.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom, for the middle-aged couple, is delightful with natural light and maneuvered surface finishes. Every material of the space has been meticulously thought over and used to create the user experience comfortable and a feeling of belongingness every time. The informal seating spot right next to the window is perfect for enjoying the pitter-patter of rains or soaking in some morning sun.

Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom is snug, simplistic, and adaptive of its nature. The subtle color palette used brings in heaps of sunlight all day; ensuring guests feel the charm and charisma of the space.


Designed bySpace Frame Architects-Indore

Project Type: Residential

Project Name: ‘Katha’ – House of Stories

Location: Bhopal

Year built: 2019

Size: 8000 sqft

Project Cost appx: 1.5 crore

Principal Architect:  Snehal & Amit Sontakke

Photograph courtesy: Pixcelcraft




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