• Reserve Forest Stands As A Testament Beside This House in Bangalore | Funktion Design

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    In rapidly evolving North Bangalore, the last vestige of its former self, the Jarakabande Reserve forest stands as a testament beside this house in Bangalore. Nestled within the urban sprawl, this reserve forest is accompanied by an adjoining site featuring a wooded park seamlessly merging with the wilderness.

    Reserve Forest Stands As A Testament Beside This House in Bangalore | Funktion Design

    house in bangalore

    The site itself is a trapezoidal corner expanse of approximately 3500 square feet, flanked by roads on two sides and embraced by the sylvan forest to the north. Its terrain gracefully slopes from the southeast, descending toward the northwest.

    house in bangalore

    The proximity to the woodland in a subtropical climate zone presents both challenges and opportunities. While the challenge lies in safeguarding against unwelcome visitors like snakes and insects, it also entails embracing the harmonious symphony of birdsong and the invigorating breeze.

    house in bangalore

    A complex set of requirements encompassing three generations – elderly parents, a couple, and their teenage daughter – had to be addressed in the design. The exterior facade of the house projects an aura of robustness, offering glimpses of its substantial form.

    The entrance for pedestrians is marked by an imposing 3-meter-tall corten steel gate, adorned with slender openings that tantalizingly unveil hints of the mysteries within.

    house in bangalore

    house in bangalore

    Crossing the threshold, the senses are greeted by the gentle serenade of a koi pond to one side, its tranquil waters flowing beside polished granite steps leading to the main entrance foyer.

    house in bangalore

    house in bangalore

    This welcoming space is adorned with a resting bench, inviting visitors to pause and remove their footwear before transitioning into the interiors.

    A central axis, comprising the triple-height entrance lobby, a suspended staircase crafted from verdant steel and wood, and a prayer alcove with double-height proportions, serves as the organizational pivot around which the rest of the dwelling revolves.

    house in bangalore

    The ground floor is designed for accessibility, featuring the parents’ bedroom, dining area, and kitchen at the same elevation. In a strategic arrangement, the parking area is nestled in the lowermost northwest corner.

    Rising above the parking level, the living room opens onto a terrace garden that gazes upon the forested panorama.

    Fact File

    Designed by: Funktion Design

    Project Type: Residential Architecture Design

    Project Name: Nairy Residence

    Location: Bangalore

    Year Built: 2022

    Built-up Area: 4,614 Sq.ft

    Principal Architect: Madhusudhan Sridhar

    Photograph Courtesy: Saurabh Suryan

    Firm’s Website Link: Funktion Design

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Funktion Design

    Firm’s Facebook Link: Funktion Design

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