How To Determine If You Need To Replace Or Repair The Commercial Roof On Your Building

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If you own one or more commercial buildings, you might wonder if it is time to replace the roof. In some cases, you may have purchased a building that is decades old. It may have been several years since the roof has been replaced. Assuming that you have multiple buildings, you can work with contractors that will provide you with a quote on doing them all. However, prior to doing this, you need to determine which buildings, if any, will need to have the roof replaced. Here are a few tips on how to determine if you need to replace or repair the commercial roof on any building that you currently own.


Signs That You Need To Replace Your Commercial Roof

When you do an inspection on the commercial roof that you have, you will be looking for very specific problems. There are indicators that you will search for, obvious signs of wear and tear, that will motivate you to replace your roof quickly. For example, one of the most popular types of commercial roofing materials has to do with coal tar or asphalt. This is typically used on a flat surface, and may also be the result of using gravel and even modified bitumen. If you notice that cracks are forming, or that you have bubbles in this material beginning to show, it is an obvious sign that something needs to be repaired or replaced. Other types of materials include single-ply membrane roofing, as well as roofing materials that are made of high tech polymers. If you live in a very inclement climate, it is common to have sloped metal roofs such as those that are on high-rises. Although these tend to last for many decades, if your building is 30 years old, and even older, it might be time to replace this material.


Should You Replace Or Repair Your Roof?

This is a question that you need to have a definitive answer for. There are many reasons that people will opt for replacing a roof over repairing it. Although repairing a roof tends to be a much more cost-effective procedure, your roof might be in absolutely terrible shape. If you are consistently getting leaks that are showing up all the time, even during the lightest rainstorm, it is certainly time to replace this material. In most cases, it is advantageous to remove the existing roof and put a new one on that will last for many years. The choice that you make is always going to be dependent upon the observed damage or flaws that a roof has. Missing pieces of metal, or cracks in the tar, or clear signs that something needs to be done. If you are thinking about refinancing your building, you may need to replace the entire roof, using materials that are much more durable.


How To Find Contractors That Can Help You Replace Your Roof

These jobs are typically best suited for a roofing company in Cincinnati. They will know exactly what materials to use. You should contact a couple different businesses to get an estimate. They can also offer you different estimates depending upon the material that you choose to use. In some cases, you will get a fantastic deal from one particular company, simply because you are allowing them to do multiple roofs at the same time. It might be a large company that can provide these services in a timely manner. To find these businesses, you must request multiple estimates on the cost of replacing your roof. Most of the contractors can be found by searching on the Internet. This will ensure that you can read more about these companies. Some of them will have testimonials from different building owners that were either very happy, or completely disappointed, with the work that was done. By doing this research, you can quickly focus upon the best roofing companies for the job. If all of the contractors that you contact tell you that you should replace your roof, simply choose the contractor that is going to offer you the best deal.


What Is The Most Common Material Used For New Commercial Roofs

The most common material that is used today is either PVC or some type of modified bitumen. If you would like to spend a little more money, you can choose a spray on coating, TPO or BUR roofing materials. These are going to last longer, and despite being more expensive, they may last decades longer than cheaper materials. If you happen to own the company and the building far into the future, you won’t have to worry about reroofing your building because you paid extra for materials that will last. What you will want to do next is find the best company for the job that can quickly put a new roof on every building that you own.


How Quickly Can You Have Your Buildings Reroofed?

The speed at which a building can be reroofed will depend upon three factors. There is the size of the building, the type of material you are going to use, and the experience level of the roofing company that you choose to work with. If all goes well, they should be able to finish any roofing job on a single building in a matter of days. If you have multiple buildings, and if it is a large company, everything could be done in the span of a week. By getting multiple estimates from reputable roofing companies, you will know exactly who you should be using.


If you are the owner of multiple commercial buildings that need to have new roofs, start contacting contractors today. Find ones that are specializing in commercial roofing jobs. Get estimates from all of them, and by the end of the month, you will have this problem resolved. From that point forward, you will not have to worry about roofing your buildings ever again. Whether you need to do this for safety reasons, or because you have cracks or damage to your roof, start looking today for a roofing company that can repair or replace your roof.

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  • Your point about how a completely new roof is a better investment really interested me. Just thinking about how much renovation we’re going to do makes me believe that this is a more suitable procedure rather than trying to repair it over and over. I’ll go and ask a roofer to help us out with this for sure so the job can be done well.

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