Reinventing the classics- Restaurant interior re-designed after 70 years by Zeppelin design.

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Reinventing the classics : Zeppelin Design

United Coffee House at Connaught Place has been a legend amongst restaurants for more more than 70 years. The timeless quality of this establishment has kept patrons coming back time and again for that memorable experience. Zeppelin design was approached to re-invent the brand as well as the interiors in a younger avatar while retaining elements of the old classic.


We designed the UCH REWIND brand language keeping in mind the need to engage a wider customer base who desire a more casual dining experience. We created a space that projected nostalgia by interpreting in in a more fun, casual and quirky setting. Retro victorian paneling and exposed brick were used with bespoke victorian printed tiles to create a signature language. The furniture was custom designed to convey a casual bistro feel.





The tone of primary color on one side of wall adds a dramatic expression to the retro restaurant.


While the other side has arch studded exposed brick gives plenty of reasons to look around the restaurant.


In fact ,The traditional chamfered hand rail keeps reminding of the vintage place ,other elements including flooring patterns and arch-shaped entrance  altogether the identity remains intact.







Information  : Zeppelin Design

Photo Credits: Deepak Aggarwal






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