Reasons to Consider Texture in Interior Design

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When it comes to interior design, there are common things you think about. For example, you want to consider color schemes and theming for a room, as well as the layout of furniture. But, something that a lot of people are forgetting about when it comes to interior design is texture. Yet, texture is an element that can really make a difference, adding everything from depth to warmth in a room.

When we talk about texture in interior design, we mean the surface quality of a material. Here are reasons you should think carefully about the textures used in your home.

It Can Add Warmth

You want certain rooms in the home to look cosy and warmer than others. For example, a lot of people want their bedroom or living room to be warm and inviting. Of course, color is one way you can do this. But, another way you can make a room look warm is by adding texture. In particular, thick, soft and luxurious materials are a good way to do this. For example, you can add velvet throw pillows and silk lampshades to a room.


Texture Vs Pattern

First of all, something that a lot of people get mixed up with when they are new to interior design is texture and pattern. There is often the idea that these things are the same. But, they are different. In particular, the texture of something is the surface quality or the material. For example, it can be something that is smooth and fluffy or bumpy and rough. Then you have a pattern. This is a design and a visual element to furniture and accessories. So, for example, there could be stripes of a throw cushion or circles on an area rug. Thus, there is a difference between texture and pattern in interior design.

Here is what adding texture can do for your home.

It Can Add softness

There are some materials that look harsher and rougher than others. Ideally, when it comes to interior design, you want to have a combination of textures. In particular, you want to add some softness. This is something that you can do with something like a rug or curtains. Soft textures are going to make the place seem inviting, as well as create feelings of comfort and warmth.

It Can Balance a Room

If you like interior design, you know that you often have to balance the design of rooms in your home. This ensures that there is a lot of visual interest but that not too much is concentrated in one area. When everything is balanced in the room, it is going to be pleasing to the eye. The good thing about texture is that this is something that can balance a room. Adding something like a thick and fluffy rug can make a difference, as well as soft blankets and throw pillows. Do not forget that you can mix up different textures in the same room too.