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    Prettyy360º | A Beauty Salon located in Vadodara, Gujarat is our one of the dearest projects of this year; total 750 sqft of pink bliss. Encapsulating the client’s design brief, we chose style which is inspired by the accent of the shabby chic design style for Prettyy360º, A Beauty Salon that combines elements of vintage and modern styles with it’s classical details, the hint of luxury to create an elegant, yet worn look through a modern lens. This theme is characterized by its use of soft colours, floral accents, gentle textures and romantic appeal with a country-cottage feel. It’s a female beauty salon and as females have their secret love for pinks, we very carefully selected colour palate which consist loads of cinnamon rose pink with balanced amount of whites and greys.

    Prettyy360º, A Beauty Salon That Combines Elements Of Vintage And Modern Styles | P’s design therapy

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    After thinking of giving it out the box aesthetics; painted entire ceiling and 1/3rd of wall cinnamon rose pink and entire ceiling cinnamon rose pink and kept things monochromatic bellow it. This gorgeous salon has various sub spaces and elements which blends amazingly well altogether which gives spacious and seamless feel without disturbing harmony.

    The Entire space of this salon has been designed and executed it in such way so that whenever their customers walk in, they feel pampered by the pink blush! Some luxury, some drama and loads of pink! As you make an entry in salon, you will see this Floral fresh waiting area with princess style couch and a uniquely designed product display unit which also acts a partition between waiting area and manicure pedicure station.

    Nonetheless, it also has magazine holder attached to it, as a special element we used Tiny grey tinted arch shape glasses to opaque the vision. Waiting area of a beauty salon can’t be boring, so here we thought of putting floral frames with neon led lights saying  ‘hello Gorgeous ! ‘ to make client feel welcomed and pampered.

    We gave a line art hand painted backdrop with detailing of grooves to Manicure-Pedicure Station and Shampoo station area to enhance the experience of the salon. Above the beautiful faces line art there are shelves in form of circles in molded frame to display the products which are adding the aesthetic value to it.

    We love this arch shaped backwash + color bar unit which is also acting as a partition for makeup room adjacent to it. The main reason after keeping most of the backdrops whites and greys is colorful products which we wanted to highlight gracefully.

    Pretty pink floral waiting area connected to manicure-pedicure station and Shampoo Station with semi opaque partition in-between to give sense of privacy to both areas. Here we avoided false ceiling for this area and opted for exposed ceiling to use the full height of space which is making it look bigger in volume.

    This is how entire salon looks while entering to Prettyy360. This blushing in pink space gives complete sense of Shabby chic style design through a modern lens. The Continuation of cinnamon rose pink color on walls maintains the harmony of the entire salon and defines its volume.

    This classy arch shape dominated Hair Dressing area and reception area are complementing each other with its design and distinctiveness. We added bit of gold finish touch in form of picture frames, hanging light fixtures, knobs etc. to add luxury.

    Here for hair dressing area, we used the arch shaped frames made from mild steel box pipes for mirrors and shelves to give it clean and minimal detail with delicate look. Nonetheless, these clear glass globe light fitting from the ceiling for each chair is enhancing the beauty by serving its functional usage.

    This eye catchy reception area with distinct details has stolen the show for us.  It’s simple, minimal arched shape unit with open boxes to display products and randomly placed light bulbs to enhance the reception area. We decorated the column attached to reception with beautiful fiber faces and their head full of flowers, which was cherry on cake!

    This area we named as makeover bay (makeup room). This is where brides and ladies get ready for their special occasions, so it has to be glorious. This 8feetx 8 feet space is covered by lightly molded wall panels, beautiful brass light fixtures and chandelier. Huge oval shape mirror with plenty of light bulbs to enhance the beauty.

    As caption says ‘This is where the magic happens’. We tried to create a magical space to let the magic happen with minimal yet classy details like huge p.o.p. arch textured wall, pink neon light, artifacts and plenty numbers of candles to provide ambient environment in this tiny gorgeous facial room.

    Design style for this salon is inspired by the accent of Shabby design style that combines elements of vintage and modern styles with it’s classical details, the hint of luxury to create an elegant, yet worn look through a modern lens. This theme is characterized by its use of soft colours, floral accents, gentle textures and romantic appeal with a country-cottage feel.

    Fact File

    Designed by : P’s design therapy

    Designed for : Prettyy360º

    Project Type : Commercial Interior Design (Beauty Salon)

    Project Name : Prettyy360º | A Beauty Salon

    Location : Vadodara, Gujarat

    Year Built : 2023

    Duration of the project : 1.5 months

    Project Size : 750 Sq.ft

    Principal Designer : Prayoshi Patel

    Team Design Credits : Avani Panchal

    Photograph Courtesy : Tejas Shah

    Products / Materials / Vendors : Finishes – PU Finish Furniture / Wallcovering / Cladding – Asian Paint on wall / Lighting – Havels lighting, Neptune Lighting / Doors and Partitions – Pine Flush Doors / Flooring – Vinyl Flooring / Paint – Asian Paints

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