Overlooked Items Your Toolbox May Be Missing


A toolbox is not entirely useful unless it contains all the necessary items to help you take on any DIY project. As projects around the house can vary greatly, you will likely need a lot more than merely a few spanners and screwdrivers to complete them. Building up all the necessary tools and items for your toolbox will prove a rewarding task as projects will be much less challenging if you are well equipped to handle them. Here are just a few of the most overlooked items that you should have in your toolbox to make life as a DIY novice or a thrifty handyman a lot more possible.


Tape Measure

Most people end up forgetting to buy a proper tape measure and land up confronting daunting challenges later on. A simple ruler truly cannot replace the handy help of a proper retractable tape measure. There is also something that is simply so captivating about pressing the button and watching the tape measure retract at impressive high-speed. However, a tape measure is more than an entertaining item for a young child as you will likely find it extremely useful for measuring the size of cabinets and fitting them correctly. There are tons of reasons you simply need a retractable tape measure in your toolbox and guessing lengths is really not a suitable way to compromise.



Stud Finder

Not everyone is aware of the use and importance of a stud finder, which is why this essential toolbox item is often forgotten. This nifty item will help you find studs and nails to help you avoid them while inserting something into a material. This essential toolbox item will be able to make your life much easier while scanning for studs and metal inserts that you need to avoid during your exciting handyman projects.


Quality Level

If you have ever spent hours trying to hang a picture frame straight to no avail, you probably don’t have a quality level in your toolbox. You can simplify the frustrating task of hanging frames and fitting cabinets perfectly straight with the help of a high-quality level. It is never a great idea to cheap out on this essential item as inferior quality levels will only add frustration to the task as much as not having one at all would.


Allen Keys

Allen keys are another item that is often missing from toolboxes and the reason is mostly the frustrating fact that they are quite easy to misplace. While you do need a quality set of Allen keys in your toolbox, it would be a fantastic idea to take extra care of them by ensuring they have their own special box for storage. This will greatly reduce the risk of misplacing them during use.



If you’re working on a home renovation project and you need to cut materials to size, the task will be extremely challenging without clamps that can hold the materials in place while you cut. It would be a great idea to make sure you have a few clamps in your toolbox as you will find that they come in handy for a number of different projects.


Try Square

A try square is mandatory for projects that involve measuring and cutting materials such as wood and metal as there is no other item that will be able to ensure optimal accuracy is possible. You may be considering improving and using a different type of ruler item, which would be a massive mistake as a try square is designed to make the job of measuring and cutting as accurate as possible.


Adjustable Crescent Wrench

This tool is simply crucial for any toolbox and once you have invested in one and you will most likely find that it will be the most used tool too. An adjustable crescent wrench can adjust to various different sizes which will prove handy if you are working on projects that make use of nuts and bolts in different sizes. Rather than using 10 different wrenches, you can use one adjustable wrench instead.


Why You Shouldn’t Buy All Your Tools At Once

Tools can be undeniably pricey and even though there are often cheaper brands out there, quality is unfortunately not a debatable topic where tools are concerned. Unless you plan on replacing your tools every time you use them, you should rather invest in quality items that will be able to last a lifetime. In order to avoid a shock to your budget, it would be best to buy your tools over time rather than all at once. It would also be wise to buy each tool as the need arises rather than all in one day because building the ultimate toolbox is a task that will take time.



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