Outdoor Bean Bags – How To Find The Best Ones

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Whether you are having an outdoor event or simply looking to add a few chairs to your patio, outdoor bean bags can be the perfect choice for you. Well, for once they are very comfortable and cheap.

Outdoor furniture companies, like Epona Co, offer a range of high-quality outdoor bean bags.  Here is a list of how to choose the perfect outdoor bean bags for whatever reason you need them.

How To Find The Perfect Outdoor Bean Bag Chairs

Two Covers

Remember, when you leave the chair outside, it’s going to be on the ground against the dirt or grass. Therefore, it’s going to get dirty quickly. On that note, you need a bean bag chair that has 2 covers. That way, whenever the outer one becomes dirty you can simply remove it for cleaning and keep the other one clean at all times. It’s also a good way to prevent spillage in case the outer cover tears apart.

The Shape And Height

Will you be moving the bean bag around? Well, you need one that’s easily portable and a kid size would be good in this case. On the other hand, you should consider the height when you are looking for a bean bag chair. There are a few things to choose from such as pear-shaped, L-shaped options and also poufs. You need to check all the options available to find the right one for you.

The Fabric

Bean bags are mostly made up of soft polyester and artificial leather. For the outdoors, you need to choose those made out of artificial leather. That’s because it is easy to clean any dirt and debris off it. Since the artificial leather comes in different colours, you have a few choices to pick.


Since you are looking for outdoor bean bags, you need those that are comfortable to sit on and put snacks or drinks on top. You can choose bean bags of different shapes and place them outside neatly for a cool effect. Remember, the outdoors is vast so you can go as wild as you want. Of course, if they are neatly arranged, they will not make the whole place appear full.

The Filling

You need to consider the granules in the bag used as filling too. Bean bags can be filled with different things such as beads, buckwheat grains or polystyrene foam. Those made out from buckwheat grains are very heavy. On the other hand, the polystyrene foams will wear out very fast. Therefore, you need to choose the EPS beads because they can withstand the wear and tear as well as the weather elements when outdoors.

Stitches And Zippers

They might appear minimal, but the stitches and zippers play a huge role with your bean bag. If they are not strong, they will tear, and you need to sew the bean bag repeatedly. For your outdoor bean bags, you need zippers with wide teeth to regulate the overall softness of the bag.

That’s all you need to know next time you are out shopping for outdoor bean bags for your backyard or event.

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