Modernist but Cozy Home retaining its Soothing Simplicity | Omega Arc + Design

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The client approached to craft a 1550 sq ft. 3 bhk flat located in Gurugram that had a minimalist, modernist appearance while yet being luxurious and comfortable. The vision of the architects was to give distinct look to each corner and room of the house keeping in mind its utility. In order to balance the monochrome with wood tone, the furniture was chosen to be made of teak wood, which offers relaxation via soft beige and white hue.

Modernist but Cozy Home retaining its Soothing Simplicity | Omega Arc + Design

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Simple, relaxed, and welcoming, this pair of modern home interiors build comfort through soft beige, white, and wood decor. The two designs achieve a balance between the crisp cool of monochrome and the textural warmth of wood tone in different styles. On one hand, there is an airy minimalist layout with bespoke fitted furniture of the traditionally styled sofa, molded paneling walls, and a laid-back low-key feel – a place where family and friends can come lounge without ceremony. Home interior number two is packed a little more generously with home decor items, many of which have a more traditional flavor mixed with modernity, and lustrous golden touches. The round coffee table set adds an antique golden accent to the cool-colored room. Scatter cushions on the sofa bring in other warm shades of beige and red. Faceted vases on the table complete the theme and reflect the aesthetic of the hand painting in the background.

For the neutral living space, a warm and sophisticated sanctuary is created. The duco shade of deluxe color collection has a beautiful range of neutrals to choose from and by carrying these hues through to the furniture and accessories, just to achieve a calming and tonal effect. Drawn to the luxe suede and soft curves of the single-seater sofa pairing with a golden line around the center coffee table and sculptural accents. For elegant finishing touches – painting, ceramic, and brass are added.

A comfortable dining room design is nourishing for the stomach and the soul alike. White beaded wall paneling continues in the dining room. White paneled wall and teak wood 8- Seater dining table allow the dining arrangement to stand out with emphasis. The natural wood of the simple table and iconic chairs serve as a strong contrast to the minimalistic materials used throughout. The white and wood design elements work in unison and give an automatic clean feeling while small splashes of color from the table planter are natural yet fun.

A wrapped chandelier illuminates the dining area and living area with a soft glow, and the ceiling above folds over and shares some indirect lighting for ambiance. The teak wood elegantly combines with the wooden texture of this sideboard and chairs. It’s the winning combo for a modern and timeless look. The fine streaks of the wood blend perfectly with the natural fibers of the cane. The grains on the frame of the four doors enhance the lines of the sideboard. The combination of wood and rattan will warm the interior.

The guest bedroom breaks away from the minimalist style with a simple yet elegant combination of teak wood bed along with bedside tables and a hand-painted painting on the bed’s back wall. The handcrafted painting decorated on the bed’s back wall gives a pleasurable look to the room. The curtain of the room Is customized using the color of other finishes of the room so that everything loads in the harmony. Table lamps on the bedside tables illuminate the space very well.

Extremely warm and inviting – this space uses a finish that brings out the white beaded arched paneling with yellow tones in the furnishings. The master bedroom is punctuated with yellow bedsheets, pillows, and shiny gold wall lights. Indoor plants on the bedside table bring bursts of bright greenery to lift large expanses of teak wood furniture and rest on pale plain walls. The white paneling and wood design elements work in unison and give an automatic clean feeling while small splashes of color from the floor planters are natural yet fun.

Color-matched wall art with an accent chair makes up a small gallery over a unique solid wood bed. The goal is to create a calming, bright space to reflect our client’s minimal style. To interest and coziness to the overall look and feel of the room, the client had incorporated her taste in yellow and beige textiles, mixed and matched patterns, and shapely sconces.

White paint and colorful elements create a cheerful area around the house to help with motivation and positive energy. A subtle ribbon of yellow color wraps the room to create a cohesive color story with toy animals stomping on the back wall and rug. The large windows allow natural light to flow through onto the room, making it a more inviting space for play or reading.

Fact File

Designed by: Omega Arc + Design

Project Type: Residence Interior Design

Project Name: Luminare

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana

Year Built:  2022

Duration of project: 4 Months

Built up: 1650 Sq.ft

Project Size: 1550 Sq.ft

Project Cost Appx: 25 Lac

Principal Designers: Viveka Sharma & Anshul Jain

Photograph Courtesy: Vaibhav Bhatia

Firm’s Website Link: Omega Arc + Design

Firm’s Instagram Link: Omega Arc + Design

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