A Modern Tree House – Cube Square | Collage Studio

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A Modern Tree House – Cube Square | Collage Studio

‘’Prasanna House is illustrative, where a dense urban context has been transformed into an intimate and tranquil living space. Trees, leaves and nature are the essences of the project, bringing it to life.’’


The clients being simple and deep-rooted were looking to have a home that resonated tranquillity and was an escape from the hustle bustle of the city life. The house needed to be well ventilated with ample daylight throughout the day.


The proposed site is located at a T-junction of a prime residential area surrounded by built spaces, facing an agricultural institute just a stone’s throw away. The design was hence conceptualised on capturing and framing this view.


The main idea was to merge the built with the landscape. As the building ages and the trees grow, the built and unbuilt become more seamless. The design responds primarily to the context by retaining an existing tree and brings its essence within.

Nature has been integrated into the house by carving out green spaces throughout. A central courtyard functions as a transition from a public space to a private one. The court is kept as a focus by the allure of black granite floored by Frangipani petals.


Framing the vista ahead the balcony appears to float right above the entrance, deliberately done to achieve a column-free parking area below which could occasionally transform into a gathering space.


The spaces are created to be more dynamic. As one enters the house, they can see an uninterrupted line of vision with green pockets in between. The living opens into a green court which is a rejuvenating sight.The central court extends to become the Puja space of the house. While, the dining unfolds beyond, translating into a rear court blurring the interior and exterior boundaries.

The bedroom on the ground floor has a bathroom with a skylight and a landscaped floor to create an experience of outdoor bathing.

A cooling, exposed concrete staircase aids one to the family area which is designed to be warm with its wooden flooring and minimal decor.The cantilevered master bedroom overlooks the courtyard from the level above.The louvered shutters delightfully transform the function of the master bedroom. When closed, they maintain the privacy of the space whereas, when opened they facilitate an uninterrupted vision into the family space.This line of vision infinitely continues beyond the space through a slit of glass that subtly leads the eye towards the sky. Thus, visually connecting every space to enhance interaction within the house yet maintaining the privacy of each space.



A thoughtful design is one where you understand the language of the materials around. The blank wall stood there like a canvas, waiting for the artist to transform it into a masterpiece. A skylight covered with an array of colourful leaves was introduced into the space. The pattern casted by it on the wall, constantly changes with time and term. The colours of the leaves and its artistic patterns on the background complete the frame.


The material palette is kept minimal, the marble flooring captures reflections while exposed concrete ceilings add a rustic charm. Wooden flooring and details bring in richness with the white walls tying it all together. To add a little color, the projected cube in the front is painted blue with random punctures.


Photography: Baalakrishnan; courtesy the firm


Type                             : Residence

Location                      : Bengaluru

Site area                      : 190 sqm

Built up area               : 260 sqm

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