Make The Most Of Your Gorgeous Outdoors

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Whether you have a small patio or a huge backyard, decorating your outdoors is a great idea. Not only does it let you entertain your guests in an open atmosphere, it also works as a place where you can relax with a book in the middle of the day or have a hot cuppa early in the morning. It can be your personal zen corner. It also makes your house look prettier. In fact, having a well manicured lawn is one of the unique selling points buyers are looking for when inquiring with agencies such as Greenhouse real estate.

The first thing to do is get good quality outdoor furniture.  Outdoor wicker furniture are good to buy. Wicker furniture is good for all weather with two coats of varnish. Depending on the size of the place where you want them, buy an entire set or mix and match chairs. Often outdoor furniture can look great indoors too, so keep that in mind while buying it. Keep in mind, that you want the place to look cozy and comfortable. Furniture made of natural elements work best outdoors, hence wicker is great.

Now that that the furniture is done, we need to beautify the space. Plants are the best way to do that. Opt for plants that are low maintenance. Cactus is a good idea. However, flowers do look a lot prettier. If you have a green thumb then have only flowering plants. Not just on the ground, try to hang a few at various places.  You can also plant herbs like basil, parsley, mint, radish, cilantro etc.Give your outdoor a cozy meadow-like look. If possible add a small water fountain. The very sound of water is enough for relaxing your nerves.

Now for the starry summer nights, how about some fairy lights? Lights can instantly give your outdoor a character. Candles are of course very romantic and doesn’t even need electricity so that’s the easiest way to light up your patio or yard. But if you need more light how about LED tea lights. You can always put them inside paper lanterns or store-bought lanterns and hang them from trees.  String lights are perfect for patios. Outdoor lighting can be done in several ways depending on the purpose.

Finally get a bird bath. Birds will flock to the place and you will wake up in the morning hearing them chirping.  Actually, you don’t even have to buy a bird bath. Get some old plate from your kitchen and colour them brightly. Make sure the plates are not too deep, so that small birds can get in as well. That’s it, your little paradise is ready just within your home.

Finally to make this area the most favorite in the entire house add a swing or a hammock to it. Not only will this make the place look more comfortable but help relax as well.

If you are inspired already, start making your shopping list and get ready for a splendid year of al-fresco living. Patio, backyard or front porch – make them look gorgeous!

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