• Maintaining Peak Performance: AC Repair and Maintenance for Luxury Homes

    Luxury homes tend to have more square footage and grander spaces. If you own such a home, you’ll want to be sure you keep up with AC repair and maintenance to keep your system running at peak performance.

    The hotter it gets out there, the harder your air conditioning system will need to work. This cool air helps keep you comfortable while you’re home. It also protects your most cherished works of art, rugs, and furnishings from incurring damage due to heat, humidity, and mold.

    Benefits of AC Maintenance and Repair for Luxury Residences

    Taking care of your AC helps prolong its life. You may have the means to replace your HVAC system, but it will still be a hassle that requires coordination and effort. Why go to the trouble when it’s not yet time for such an endeavor?

    Additionally, maintaining your air conditioning improves its performance and efficiency, leaving you with better indoor air quality throughout your home. It also serves to keep you from having to make major repairs.

    Now that you know the benefits, here’s how to ensure your home’s AC system operates at peak performance.

    How to Keep Your Luxury Home’s AC at Peak Performance

    Whether you do it yourself or hire someone to oversee these AC tasks, make sure they get done to keep your home at the perfect temperature.

    Replace Air Filters

    When your air conditioning is running around the clock, your air filter is picking up every bit of dust, dirt, and pet hair. Eventually, it can get so clogged that it prevents proper airflow and forces the system to work harder to reach your desired temperature.

    Every month, check your filter or have someone do it for you. This way, you’ll keep your system thriving and the air in your home cleaner.

    Keep the Area Around the Exterior Unit Clean

    It’s likely that in a beautiful home, you will not want an unsightly exterior unit interfering with the aesthetics. You may have instructed your gardener or landscaping team to make it less noticeable by erecting a lattice structure or planting foliage to obscure it from view.

    However, putting anything too close to the exterior portion of your air conditioner could obstruct airflow. You should keep at least two feet of space clear around the unit. Have your lawn care team ensure that grass clippings, mulch, and other debris aren’t blown onto the fins of the unit to keep it humming along.

    Schedule Professional HVAC Service

    Other tasks to help maintain the peak performance of your air conditioning should only be done by a licensed HVAC professional. This will make it less likely your unit will break down unexpectedly. They will check the wiring, clean the coils and fins, and inspect all its parts.

    When you neglect to maintain your AC, you may need to replace your unit. However, if it’s already 10 years old, it’s likely time to consider a new installation. Go here to learn more.

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