The aim of the design is to feel the “outdoor in the interior space” by using natural materials, concrete finish, rubble masonry floor stamping, wood, rustic finish which also gives the interior an antique-y look. The ultimate delicacy comes with the warm lighting in terms of task light and designer light fixtures. Concept – The design imitates a scene of a forest where a panther guards his territory which is the Loom Craft.

Loom Crafts A Retail Store Hyderabad, India | CK’s Studio Design and Build

Visit : CK’s Studio Design and Build

Visit : CK’s Studio Design and Build

The moment one enters the reception area will get to have a look at the black panther life size painting of 16’ x 12’ which is divided into SIX – 8’ x 4’ canvases in the double height area, as a backdrop of the reception. Black panther is seen drinking water from a pond and watching a girl on a beach opposite to the reception, which is made up of resin art to have the original look of water – sand / sky. The floor in the reception area has been aligned in brick pattern
with Kadappa Black Stone matte finish leaving a gap of 3” for placing white pebbles along with the warm recessed floor spotlights to get the outdoor floor feel. The reception desk is carved out of natural rock of size 8’ – 3” in length x 2’ – 4” in deep x 3’ – 4” in height and the suspended designer light fixture named “Curve” designed by Vibhor Sogani complementing the ambience.

Front side wall opposite to the main entrance welcomes the customer with 6’ – 0” dia, “10 years warranty logo” fixed on the brick patterned concrete finish laminate having gold beading inside the grooves. The same has been designed to create the confidence in the customer, about the product once he / she enters the store.

To have the natural feel of dense forest and outdoor area, we have taken full advantage of outdoor furniture and hung a low height magnificent circular swing in the double height area from the true slab.

The disconnected projected columns have been connected with wooden finish laminate cladding to act like a reverse ‘c’ shaped arch towards the product display area.

The wall in the reception area opposite to the main entry door has the top client names to which the products have been supplied by Loom Crafts.

On either side of the main entrance door, is a floating square unit for product display which is an attractive part in the reception area. The concept of the floating is to highlight the display product and make it visible from outside. The floating unit is made of wood laminate as outer layer and concrete finish laminate as inner layer.

The flooring is rubble masonry stamping on the circulation area and the profile track lights in a way the ceiling and flooring is connected to guide the visitors around the product display. The product display area is separated by concrete finish flooring which gives raw look. The idea is to make the flooring colour subtle and highlight the products displayed.

The ceiling is made clutter free despite having profile lights to guide the way, and track / spotlights to flash the products boldly. Introduced a 4” wide vinyl band of rattan texture printed sticker on the black painted ceiling, to fill the blankness with a design intent related to the outdoor furniture product.

The wall opposite to the beach art was accompanied with 6’ – 0” x 4’ – 0” windows at regular intervals, which had been demolished to create arcade of 10’ – 0” height and proportionate widths, to get the natural rock in interiors. The rock is covered with cement plaster to avoid the rock cascade in the long run and welded with SS glossy finish mirror bolts at desired locations to highlight the rock. The arcade is finished in sleek MS frames with doors on either side of the wall to enter the exterior product display area which is a pleasant outdoor space the whole exterior display floor is covered with artificial turf grass for easy maintenance, and to get the natural ambience of rock / wood for displaying of outdoor furniture.

Loom crafts supplies bar counter / seating. To cater the same, we have taken the advantage of existing projected columns to create a Bar counter. The idea is to have real sky feel, which has been achieved using PVC back lit stretch ceiling. The backdrop of the bar counter is designed with arches to complement the arcade wall and linear shelves for the liquor display. The bronze mirror finish material used to give a jazzy, stimulating – eye catchy look and double up the display.

The idea behind the conference room is to give a under sky feel, which is achieved by PVC stretch ceiling with back lit. The room consists of track lights all around the table in the ceiling which acts as task lighting. Artificial grass flooring and 3D designer floral tile wall cladding to mount the large LED TV for product presentation / display running all day. The front part of the conference room is 13’ x 8’ single jumbo glass partiton on one side to have the continuity. and on the other side again glass partition with a door to enter the room. The front façade composition indicates the beach side scene which represents typical outdoor furniture under a palm tree. Achieved with SS glossy finished mirror bolts on a rustic steel square sheets (manmade rusting using salt water and cloth).

The rusted steel panels are projected and played with levels, in the angle view we can feel the 3D projection. The painting beside the conference room is a continuum of the black panther painting also it hides the staff toilet door. The handle resembles with natural rock as it looks like a part of the painting

Fact File :


Project Type : Office

Location : Hyderabad, Telangana

Year Built : 2020

Duration of the project : 5 Months

Project Size : 4750 SFT (Indoor Area – 3695 SFT / Outdoor Area – 1055 SFT)

Principal Architect : Ar. Chandrakanth Kamaganti

Design Team : Ar. Chandrakanth Kamaganti, Sr. Interior Designer Sreekanth K, Jr. Interior Designer Ashish Anand

PMC Team : Ar. Chandrakanth Kamaganti, Site Engineer Anish Yadav 

Project Write up team : Junior Architect Manoj Bitra, Junior Architect Shreya Bose

Client : Mr. Srinivas, Loom Craft Outdoor Furniture store at Hyderabad.

Photographer : Adarsh Battula

Products And Materials :

Designer light fixture in the Reception area : Curve by Studio Vibhor Sogani – Delhi Indoor Art Work Concept and theme : Ar. ChandraKanth Kamaganti / Hoozinc Nikhil / Hoozinc Chandini  Indoor Art Work : Hoozinc Studio – Hyderabad Front Elevation Concept & theme : Ar. Chandrakanth Kamaganti / Jr. Interior Designer Ashish Anand  Front Elevation MS Fabrication : Mr. John Correya & Team 

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