• Landscape Lighting 101: Aesthetic Or Functional?

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    As simple as it may seem, enhancing your house’s curb appeal and aesthetics could be challenging, especially if you have limited knowledge about doing so correctly. But that shouldn’t prevent you from transforming your landscape space into an enchanting place.  

    To achieve your remodeling purposes, you can consider installing landscape lighting in your outdoor space or you can hire reliable landscape lighting services like Washington Outdoor Lighting and other similar assistance to get things done for you. Once done right, landscape lighting could enhance your house’s aesthetics and overall security. 

    To maximize its uses, it’s also best to learn what a landscape lighting scheme is and the advantages you can gain from it. For better ideas, you can continue reading this article.  

    Landscape Lighting For Aesthetic Appeal: Must-Know Things 

    Otherwise known as outdoor lighting or garden lighting, landscape lighting refers to installing outdoor lights for private properties, public landscapes, and gardens. It also serves to promote real estate’s curb appeal, safety, and value.  

    backyard of the mansion with a flowerbed and a lawn of green grass with a marble walkway of square tiles in the evening with a garden lighting with decorative ground lamps illuminating a warm light.

    If you have doubts about installing outdoor lighting in your house, it’s high time to consider this option. To help you decide more easily, listed below are some of the perks of installing landscape lighting to highlight your house’s curb appeal. 

    1. Enhances Overall Ambiance 

    One of the most common reasons most homeowners opt for landscape lighting is its capacity to bolster their houses’ overall aesthetics. In contrast, some people may think that the property’s interior is enough to attract guests and achieve an enticing ‘glow.’ However, that might not be enough for your home’s exterior spaces. 

    You might want to consider hiring landscape lighting services to upgrade your bleak landscape into a beautiful place. A well-thought-out landscape lighting scheme could significantly add the right amount of home and elegant vibe to your estate, adding a chic ambiance to your outdoor space. You can also incorporate your style in choosing what lights and fixtures to include in your landscape lighting scheme for better outcomes.  

    Depending on your preferred landscape lighting design, you can achieve a magnificent landscape transformation that’ll be the talk of the town in your neighborhood.   

    2. Highlights Features 

    Aside from enhancing your landscape’s aesthetic appeal, another good advantage you can get by installing landscape lighting is it’d help highlight your estate’s features. For instance, proper landscape lighting could efficiently help provide sufficient illumination to outdoor spaces, flaunting their beauty. Apart from that, this lighting could also help spotlight your home’s intricate architectural designs.  

    Typically, homeowners tend to skip showcasing certain areas and furniture in their yard or garden, including water features, flower beds, artificial waterfalls, statues, and trees. Installing landscape lighting on your outdoor spaces will provide good lighting to many spots in your house and make them shine at night.  

    You can always place colorful lights at the base of water features, ponds, outdoor furniture, and statues to better showcase their artistry and highlight the designs. Through this, you can have a glowing landscape at night.  

    3. Maximizes Outdoor Space 

    Although some people might consider this aspect a no-brainer, installing outdoor lighting around your house is crucial to make it more visible at night. Since your landscape space is your home’s extension, it’s essential to make it noticeable for the family’s enjoyment. For example, installing outdoor lighting could turn your yard into a magnificent and appealing space at night for family members and guests. 

    By having these lights, you can surely make the most out of your outdoor spaces and make your loved ones enjoy them. Kids can play outside, and guests can freely hang out around the house. Whether you’re entertaining visitors or hosting a party, your landscape won’t disappoint in providing the best view for them, coupled with flower beds and water features. Plus, it’d make your outdoor spaces Instagram-worthy and spacious at the same time with proper lighting.  

    4. Bolsters Curb Appeal 

    With the right people to ask for help from and proper knowledge about landscape lighting design, one could effectively turn their austere outdoor space into an eye-catching one. But one must learn the correct placements of lights to enhance their house’s features further. The strategic placing of outdoor lights in the yard would result in proper illumination for the entire estate and accentuate its beauty and elegance. 

    To obtain your goals, you can consider hiring landscape lighting services to do your work and ensure that everything has been set accordingly. You wouldn’t want to deal with faulty wiring eventually. Lastly, this alternative will help you save more effort and time by adding additional lighting to your house.   

    5. Increases Home Value 

    Contrary to the notion that landscape lighting would only cost you a fortune, installing landscape lighting in your outdoor space could significantly help increase its curb appeal and overall aesthetics. But more than that, the best thing you can gain from this alternative is it allows you to increase your home value up to the next notch.  

    While some people may prioritize the appearance of their landscape spaces, there’s nothing wrong with getting financial gains from it. Besides providing proper illumination to your backyard and giving it a warm vibe, having outdoor lighting could also help draw the attention of potential buyers to your property. 

    If you want to sell your house in the future, you might consider installing lighting around it and doing some remodel projects to boost its resale price further. Even the small changes on your driveway, walkway, or patio could contribute to its overall value.  

    Functionality Of Landscape Lighting 

    As mentioned earlier, installing landscape lighting in one’s outdoor spaces could further enhance and highlight its beauty and curb appeal. On top of that, another essential benefit of this alternative is it increases your home’s protection and security through additional lights. 

    Since it’s well established that seemingly deserted or vacated houses are more prone to theft and burglary, adding outdoor lighting around your estate could give an impression that someone’s residing there. Although it may only serve as a simple deterrent tool for thieves, that’d suffice in keeping them out of your property. 

    To help you out, here’s some helpful information for you to know how landscape lighting could help boost your house’s safety and security.  

    1. Promotes Additional Security 

    Besides its role in enhancing your estate’s curb appeal and aesthetics, another significant benefit you can gain from it is additional protection. First, investing in outdoor lighting could help provide sufficient illumination on dark alleys and walkways, reducing the risks of slips and falls. 

    Aside from that, this alternative could also help highlight high-traffic areas in your property, such as pool decks, patios, and pathways. Through this option, you can successfully eliminate the dangers to your elderly and younger family members and make your home a lot safer for guests.  

    Moreover, having some backyard lights in your garden could also help deter potential burglars and thieves from entering your property’s premises, ensuring the safety of those inside it. Plus, it minimizes the threats of break-ins and discourages any related crimes.  

    1. Provides Proper Illumination 

    Intrinsically, the main reason behind homeowners’ decisions to install landscape lighting is to further light up the entire estate. Although it’ll still depend on landscape lighting placements, the lights could offer additional illumination to your property’s driveways and dark alleys. 

    Through this, the guests will know where to go if they’re searching for specific locations inside the property. For instance, suppose a person is looking for the garage; the lights would serve as a guide to indicate its location. The same goes for visitors who want to go to patios or gazebos to prevent them from getting lost.  

    Just a simple tip, you might consider removing some fixtures along the driveways to lessen the risks of accidents and avoid having high-traffic areas. Lastly, to further maximize your landscape lighting, you must place larger bulbs at least five meters from each other and smaller bulbs at a three-meter distance for better illumination.  

    1. Reduces Electricity Costs 

    In terms of saving more money, installing landscape lighting around your house could also help reduce electricity consumption. For starters, outdoor lights typically utilize lower energy consumption, reducing electricity costs effectively. These lights could also help promote a greener lifestyle for homeowners since they usually use low-voltage lighting ranging from 10-12 volts. 

    You can even consider DIY landscape lighting installations to get the most from them. You’ll have to prioritize proper cables, transformers, and lights for your landscape lighting kit.   

    But before installing it yourself, you might also need to consider the safety of the procedure. If you have sufficient knowledge about appropriate lighting installation and wiring, that’ll help you get the work done. But if not, it’s best to hire professional installers to prevent any untoward incidents.

    1. Prevents Light Pollution 

    Aside from the abovementioned advantages and perks, you can also help protect nature and implement a more sustainable lifestyle through landscape lighting. Since these lights have controllers, you can set a specific time for their usage and turn them off if not needed. Through that, you can prevent light pollution. 

    Plus, you can position the bulbs strategically and utilize shields to manipulate the light in specific spaces.  

    Final Thoughts 

    While installing landscape lighting has its perks and disadvantages, most homeowners would argue that this option could significantly benefit their homes in many ways. First, it promotes additional safety and security. Also, outdoor lights could help enhance your estate’s aesthetics and overall curb appeal.  

    If you have second thoughts about installing outdoor lighting, you can consider some of the information listed above for sound and efficient decision-making.

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