Knowing When to Repair or Replace Your Garage Door

Those of you who own a house with a garage know how frequently you need to use it. Not only is a garage door useful when it comes to securing your garage, but it also secures your house too. 

Many a time, we use it as the front door rather than our actual front door. So, when we use something regularly, naturally, it’ll start to face some decay. 

The open/shut mechanisms can get damaged with extended use or by an impact. But of course, you have the chance to repair or replace your garage door anytime it is necessary. 

The tricky part here is to know WHEN and this is where we come in. we’ll help you know the difference between repairing and replacing and why it matters. 

Let’s get to it! 

When to Repair Your Garage Door

Let’s start off with repairing. As with every electronic device, sometimes a little bit of fixing is all it needs in order for it to start working smoothly again. Instead of going straight for a replacement, consider these reasons first. 

An Unexpected Breakdown

Has this ever happened to you? Your garage door was operating fine one day but suddenly it stops working the very next day? If it has, then you’re in luck because chances are there’s an easy fix for it! 

First, check if you need to replace the remote batteries that control the door. If your door starts working right away after changing the batteries then that is all you need.. 

However, if it still doesn’t move then contact the garage door maintenance company and let them come over and figure out what went wrong. In most cases, it’s the mechanism that might sometimes get jammed for various reasons.  

Slow Doors

A slow garage door is a sign that the springs present in the lift mechanism are wearing out. This usually happens if you’ve already been using the doors for a few good years. 

Call over the mechanics and get it inspected, they can inform you whether you need to replace your springs or if something else went wrong with the door’s mechanism. The roller shutter repairs might also help your garage doors to move.  

If replacing the old springs helps your door move normally again, then you don’t need to replace the doors. 

A Separate Incident

In case of an isolated incident, for instance, a single panel of your garage door may be damaged and everything else is working perfectly fine, most likely you do not need to get the whole door replaced. 

Also, it’s better to repair the damaged parts as soon as you can. If you delay it and keep using the door, then eventually it may totally stop working overtime. 

It’s not wise to just replace a perfectly good door because of one panel or one isolated incident. Get help from the experts and repair your door, you’ll be saving a lot of money too. 

Sagging Doors Getting You Down? 

Nobody likes a half-opened, sagging garage door. When your garage door starts to sag it’s mostly that the springs on one side of it are damaged and need replacing. 

You can also rechange the door. Keep in mind, if the sagging is left unchecked then you’ll be putting additional pressure on the damaged side. That will directly damage the lift mechanism. 

Always make sure to replace the springs when necessary! 

When To Replace Your Garage Door

Since we’re done with when you should repair your garage door, let’s dive into when you should replace one. Here are a few situations. 

Persistent Trouble

There could be a number of things wrong with your garage door and when repairing doesn’t solve all the problems, then it’s time to get a replacement.  

After a thorough checkup of your garage door by the mechanic, they’ll let you know whether your door needs to be replaced or not. It’s smart to ask the mechanic to show you where the damage is. 

This will help you to make a decision since doors that need constant repairing can pose a safety hazard. You and your family might be in danger from it, so it’s better not to keep using old and troubling doors. 

Damages Beyond Repair

Sometimes severe damages can’t be repaired. In the case of a tree branch falling on the door or a heavy impact from a car, it will certainly need to be replaced. 

There is no point in trying to repair a door that has damages that are beyond repair. The cheaper option would be to replace it altogether. 

Lack of Safety Measures

Older garage door models lack the safety features new garage doors have these days. 

There are sensors that are great if you have or pets running around everywhere. The sensor can detect when something or someone is in the way and prevent the doors from closing on them. 

If you have an older model then it’s a good idea to replace it with the new ones. They come with lots of safety features that weren’t available before. It’s never too late for a change and what’s more important than the safety of your loved ones? 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we’d like to say that we hope our article helps you to determine when you should go for repairs and when it is time for a replacement. 

We also hope you can help out your friends, family, or neighbors with their garage doors problems after reading our article. 

It’s important to understand the difference between replacement and repair as it can help save you from losing a perfectly good door. There are several other factors that also need to be considered other than the ones we’ve mentioned here.

Feel free to let us know what you think and tell us about the problems you’ve faced with your garage doors. Don’t forget to share this article with those who are in need! 

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