• Is Wrought Iron Fencing Worth the Additional Cost?

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    Aside from wood, iron is one of the world’s oldest fencing materials. Wrought iron fences are popular not only because they are long-lasting, but also because they offer a sense of grandeur to any property. Because of their robustness, iron fences have a long history of providing efficient security.

    When it comes to pricing, the size and complexity of the project all have an impact on the cost, as well as considerations with regards to maintenance and longevity. If you have your heart set on wrought iron, these are the factors you need to consider to understand the unique design principles of wrought iron fencing.

    Cost of Wrought Iron

    Wrought iron fencing is in the middle when it comes to the cost of residential fencing. Cast iron is continuously heated and reworked to create wrought iron. Wrought iron is a pricey material due to the manufacturing process that gives it its laminar structure. It is significantly more ductile and has a far higher tensile strength than cast iron.

    Because wrought iron fences are so changeable, numerous variables can significantly increase or decrease the cost. If you want an accurate pricing estimate, consider things like fence height, ornamentation, and the gauge (thickness) of the iron as well as yard size.

    More Labor Intensive

    Iron is robust, but it’s also difficult to work with, and weighty. Iron fencing is inefficient in terms of both time and labor. Iron is a pricey material and the installation process further adds to the cost. In some cases, it may be better to spend your money on a high-quality fence that you’ll enjoy rather than spend huge amounts on labor and installation costs.

    The price of a fencing or railing project can be affected by the welding process. Steel fencing is often less expensive to produce because it is fabricated faster and uses less energy. Wrought iron, on the other hand, requires less effort to shape, which could reduce its final cost, depending on the job.


    Wrought iron isn’t as weather-resistant as other metal fences. If you examine a wrought iron fence or gate closely, you will find that certain places are fragile, the paint is peeling off, and there are even some rust spots. Wrought iron is not a low-maintenance material. Wrought iron fences are generally strong and long-lasting but they can be susceptible to corrosion. With proper care and protection, your fence can remain rust-free and last a long time. Because galvanized wrought iron has a protective zinc coating, it does not require additional rust prevention.

    Aside from applying protective coatings, you may want to paint your wrought iron fence to make it match your home’s color scheme. Keep in mind that some coatings can render metals more susceptible to oxidation and rusting.

    A great benefit of wrought iron is that it is more naturally resistant to stress and vibration than other metals. Furthermore, a minor break in wrought iron occurs gradually, giving you plenty of notice that the fence has to be fixed or replaced. Steel fractures rapidly if it is damaged, therefore there is no warning. Steel is also prone to breaking when subjected to a forceful hit, which might be a worry in locations prone to natural disasters.

    For those who are concerned about wrought iron’s drawbacks, galvanized steel ornamental fences are available. These are proven to be long-lasting, cost-effective, and stylish so you can get the appearance of iron without the disadvantages. Wrought iron fencing can be long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing but it does have its downfalls that must be considered.

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