• Installing Kitchen Cabinets: A Professional Installer Vs. a DIY Job?

    Did you know that installing kitchen cabinets is one of the biggest projects in kitchen remodeling? Proper installation ensures that your investment lasts long and brings the expected transformation to your home. Should you do it yourself or hire an expert for the job? Here are five points to help you make an informed choice.  

    Safety First

    Kitchen cabinets are bulky. You might need an extra hand when moving them. Besides, installing wall units requires lifting and holding them up in position. A weak hand, and your cabinetry comes down tumbling to cause injuries and damages. You must be confident that the cabinets stay put even when in use. If not properly fastened, they pull off under their contents’ weight. Also, ensure that you are comfortable handling the tools.

    Installation Cost

    A DIY installation can save you money, given that the average installation cost is about $5,000. However, a well-done renovation returns 70% of the initial investment if you sell your home. If you hire an installer, get one that offers a one-year warranty for their work and are available for service to secure your investment. Also, consider hidden costs, such as purchasing/renting the necessary tools or replacements, which could drive up your DIY project budget.

    Custom or Stock Cabinets?

    Stock cabinets come in standard sizes and are pre-built. Although they are cheaper to purchase, they demand more time and expertise to install than custom cabinets. These standard accessories need to align with your kitchen layout. If the kitchen measurements do not conform, a consultant might help. Inversely, custom cabinets are cut to fit the room. They are easy and quick to install.

    Carpentry Quality   

    The finished work should not sell you out. So, familiarize yourself with the procedure if you plan to do the installation yourself. Also, ensure careful cabinet handling. Some high-end materials need protection from scratches. If pieces are pre-assembled or purchased from different suppliers, inspect them for imperfections.

    Secondly, installing kitchen cabinets requires proper planning and precise measurements. The cabinets should seamlessly fit with the kitchen layout. If the floors are uneven, angles not 90 degrees, or some corners shorter than others, you need an expert assessment. A consultant might recommend correction before installation to avoid expensive damages. All these precautions safeguard your cabinets and the contents you store in the cabinetry.

    Lastly, the finishes should be perfect. There might be nail holes, edges, or seams to fill or touch-up painting. Can you handle this work, or should a professional do it?

    Hauling the Mess

    The old cabinetry needs disposal. But where will it go? Expert installers do the clean-up of the old fixtures for you. If you are installing them yourself, consider offering the cabinets to charitable organizations or taking them to a recycling facility.

    Whether you decide to hire an expert or make installing kitchen cabinets your DIY project, you need to get it right. Consider your safety, installation cost, job quality, and disposal options before deciding. It’s up to you to use this information to make an informed decision.

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