Important Factors That Greatly Affect The Rental Value of Your Property

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Investors will put up or purchase rental properties with the main aim of making good returns on their investment. However, many factors will determine the rate of return on the investment ranging from the status of the property and other external factors. Therefore, as an investor or a house buyer, you should consider some factors that may affect the rental value of your property.

1.     Quality of The Property

The status of your house may either attract more clients or make them run away. If the standards of your home are wanting, it may go for months without a tenant or attract clients ready to pay only a fraction of your offer. It’s therefore essential to ensure you build or buy a standard property and maintain it to high standards. Buying a home from display homes will guarantee you a quality home that will give you good returns. You can take a look at display homes in Westbrook Estate for quality and affordable homes.

2.     Neighborhood

Your neighborhood will determine the type of tenants you will get.  If college students dominate your area, most likely, they will be your primary clients. Hence, you should expect fewer returns when the students are not in session.

3.     Job Market

Areas with suitable employment opportunities tend to pull businesses together; hence, you will likely have low vacancy rates. Also, due to many employed people and a pool of thriving firms and companies, rental properties will be in high demand and give you reasonable rental rates.


4.     Security

Tenants will want to rent in an area where they feel their safety is guaranteed and their properties are safe. Secure areas attract more people and investors; hence, rental properties will fetch higher returns than insecure areas where crime suppresses the economies. You can rate the security of a place by assessing the types of businesses around and the level of security alertness involved.

5.     Number of Property Vacancies

High vacancy rates may give a sign of low demand for rental properties in the area. An area with high vacancies and listings leads to low rent rates. Usually, property owners will lower rent in such a location to retain tenants. On the other hand, low vacancies mean a high demand for the rental properties hence high rental rates.

6.     Landscape

When buying a rental property, it’s essential to consider the landscape of the compound and neighborhood. A board-flat landscape may cause flooding in case of a heavy downpour. Flooded water may leach into the foundation of your house and cause cracks.

A steep landscape is not good either since a heavy downpour may cause trenches and lower your property’s attractiveness to the tenants.  A gently sloping ground is a suitable landscape.


Owning a property that is attractive to the tenants and in an excellent habitable environment is fulfilling. However, it takes due diligence and proper assessment to be able to locate such a rental property. But with display homes, it can be much easier and faster to find a tenant-friendly home and one which will give you high rental returns.