• IKKO Art Gallery In Mumbai Hosted Their First Preview On Experimental Art

    IKKO Art Gallery in Mumbai, an experiential space for art hosted their first-ever exclusive preview event titled “Mediums of Enclosed Departures”. Curated by Nilesh Kinkale, a renowned experimental contemporary artist, in collaboration with Ikko’s Co-Founder, Ar. Jasleen Changani, the show was a confluence of paintings and sculptural works from leading artists in the country. The preview explored the intricate interplay between memories and their expression in material explorations.

    Narinder Kaur and Ar. Jasleen Changani

    IKKO, inspired by Punjabi word Ek meaning One, stands as an artist’s vision from a designer’s perspective. A brainchild of Resident Artist Narinder Kaur and her daughter, Ar. Jasleen Changani, Principal Architect at CY Corp, the gallery’s intent is to blend boundaries between art and architecture. Evolving the design process to reshape the discourse on residential redevelopment in Mumbai’s real estate sector is her constant endeavour. The artwork comes from castaway waste keeping in mind the concepts of reuse and recycle.

    Gallery In Mumbai

    Commenting on the occasion of the preview, Jasleen Changani said, “Furthering Ikko’s path to promote art that transcends traditional confinements of visual art discipline. Our space, a black box flooded with natural light and a green envelope, fosters an environment of artistic learning and unlearning, breaking through stereotypical barriers of style and taste. IKKO invites you to immerse yourself in the experience of art, to become ‘one’ with its profound essence. I am honoured and elated to be working with some of the finest names in the industry and it gives me immense pleasure to open the doors of the gallery to Mumbai.”

    About The Theme

    “Mediums of Enclosed Departures” is a dialogue between materiality, memory, and identity. It showcases how contemporary artists navigate the intersections of personal experience, cultural history, and social critique. Through their diverse mediums, these artists contribute to a broader understanding of contemporary art as a reflective and reflexive practice, capable of encapsulating complex narratives of change, loss, and resilience. This exhibition, therefore, not only showcases individual talent but also illuminates the collective endeavour of contemporary artists to engage with the world in all its complexity.

    Gallery In Mumbai

    Having worked in Master Architect Geoffery Bawa’s office, Jasleen’s aesthetics were strongly influenced by his legacy of vernacular modern architecture. Integrating green building design principles within an Indian context is her forte. Lessons learnt in Sri Lanka, being mentored by Master Architect Anjalendran further fuelled her endeavour to bring the seamlessness with which Art and Architecture embody the built there, in her work.

    Other Artists

    Along with Nilesh Kinkale, artists Smita Kinkale, Vinay Gusain, Rohit Varekar, Sadanand Shirke, Arjun Rathi, Narinder Kaur Gilotra, Ravi Teja Varma, Gurmeet Marwah, Mananpreet Singh Saluja also have their work come together in a homogenous creative alchemy that turns excerpts of life into a more tangible medium of expression.

    Gallery In Mumbai

    Collaborators and Brands

    CY Corp, the key collaborator of IKKO Art Gallery, co-founded by Milind Changani, Yomesh Rao and Jasleen Changani is a one-stop consultancy firm comprising architects, engineers, valuers, lawyers, project management consultants with a singular focus on real estate design & development. The brand works with some of the leading developers like Godrej, Runwal Group, Shreepati, Lodha Group, Raymond Group and many others to provide consolidated & integrated liaison, design and advisory services on redevelopment and self-redevelopment.

    About IKKO Art Gallery:

    An experiential art gallery in the bustling city and artistic hub of Mumbai, Ikko Gallery gets its name from the Punjabi word ‘Ikko’ which translates to ‘only one/one of a kind’. Ikko transcends the traditional boundaries of art and finds expression in various forms, unrestricted by the
    confinement of walls.

    Gallery In Mumbai

    To know more about IKKO Art Gallery please visit: IKKO Art Gallery

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