How to solve common electrical problems

Most of the time electrical problems occur because of poor electric wires, voltage, low-quality products, etc. In this era, electricity has become a necessity instead of convenience. Almost all the gadgets, especially the ones which are based on technology require an electric supply to run. If these problems are not resolved on time, it may even damage the gadget. There are very good electricians in Pittsburgh who are very professionals to resolve all electrical issues. There are scores of electric problems which hamper the smooth supply of electricity and most of them are discussed below along with their solutions.

Uncovered Junction Box:

Junction box is a box that is made to separate two sections of wires from others and protect wires from any kind of damage.


To protect it from these problems and damages, try to get it installed by a professional. They will properly cover it with their tools and equipment and guide the ways to keep it protected.


If a bulb of higher wattage is attached to the holder than what it endures, it will result in heating up of the bulb and within some time it will burn out.


To reduce the risk of fire, install a bulb of the same or less wattage. If there is any confusion related to the capacity of the holder, it can be enquired before placing any bulb in it.

Frequent bulb burnouts:

The bulb lights which burn out frequently are known as frequent bulb burnouts. This burning could be because of high voltage.


To solve this problem, the first step is to check if the holder is loose or not. If the holder is tight, consult an electrician immediately before it burns out some more bulbs.

Tripping of circuit breaker:

There is a high probability that there are some issues in the circuit if there is tripping in the circuit breaker.


To resolve this issue, there is a switch panel in the main electric panel of the property which needs to be flipped back and then turned on. In the switch panel, the switches will be turned off.

Dysfunctional switches:

If the ON/OFF switches are not functioning as expected, there is a high possibility that the switches may be overridden.


Discuss the issue with the electrician and fix an appointment with him. The dysfunctional switch needs to be replaced with the new one so that the issue should not be faced again.                 

Getting high electricity bills:

There are lots of reasons which result in spiking electricity bills like outdated electric items, damaged wiring, etc.


To reduce the electricity bills, upgrade electronic equipment and try to use energy-efficient variants. Also, try to consult with any professional who can check the root cause and suggest some things to follow.

Too bright or too dim lighting:

When some lights seem to be dim and some not, it is because there is some technical problem with the main power panel.


In this case, the first thing that needs to be done is to check whether all the bulbs have the same wattage or not. If they are of different wattage, it needs to change and all the bulbs should be of the same wattage.

Sagging and dipping of voltage:

The surging and reducing of voltage is known as sagging and dipping of voltage due to which gadgets turn on-off themselves.


To solve this issue, the wiring of the electrical appliance needs to be replaced. The replacement must be done by a professional electrician otherwise it can make the situation worse.

Whenever an electrical problem arises, it should be resolved within no time otherwise it may be a dangerous hazard. All the problems which are discussed need professional electricians to resolve them. To get the best electrical services in North Hills, Beall Contracting is the one people prefer. They have the best electricians in North Hills with scores of satisfied customers.