How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Patio

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Have you ever been suffered from Dengue, malaria, chikungunya? If you did, I am sure it was the worst experience for you. Mosquitoes can transmit various diseases into the human body. To remain safe from these kinds of diseases, our little efforts are more than enough if we do it properly. Be serious and raise your consciousness, mosquitoes transmitted disease often leads to serious issues, eventually death.

Suppose you are having a good time with your family or yourself alone in the patio of your house. Your little children are playing on the ground and you are watching with full happiness. But the unfortunate fact is that stealthily a mosquito bites anyone from your loving family and your happy moment may turn to penance. Don’t be panic. We draw to this scenario to get your attention on the adverse effect of mosquito bites and to make you understood how much it can be dangerous.

Health Issues Occur From Mosquito

Let me tell you in detail what type of health issues may arise from the mosquito. We know that mosquito can transmit Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya, and many more diseases into our bodies. Moreover, we have to consider some other key risk factors also. These are given below-

  • When mosquito bites we may have itching in that particular area of our bodies. Sometimes this itching exists for two or three days.
  • We may face an allergic reaction to our bodies. Sometimes it tends to a medical emergency and if it happens, without wasting a single moment we have to visit a doctor.
  • Very often we find blister on our bodies and this is very bothersome for us.
  • Some of the mosquito-transmitted diseases have no treatment which our tagged as a life taking diseased. Only being conscious and having proper prevention tools we can be safe from these diseases.

The Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Patio

There is a proverb in English, “prevention is better than cure”. It is a true fact to consider for being unharmed from mosquitoes. We only have to follow some tips to keep mosquitoes away from your patio. For more careful about your patio, keep watch this blog – It will ensure your immune health with a better environment. These tips are here for you and your family-


  • Throw away unwanted goods

We often find unnecessary things are here and there in the patio of our houses such as tire, tub, and many other things. These things can contain water for many days which are very suitable places for larva. So throw away the entire unnecessary things into the dustbin and keep your patio neat and clean.


  • Take help from mosquito elimination authority or professional

In every area, we can have authorities who are responsible to eliminate mosquito from the surroundings. They often introduce mosquitoes eliminating program to do so and spreads medicine. On the other hand, some professional people can do this task. They easily find out the secret spot of mosquito breeding and ruin that particular spot. Thus mosquitoes lose their breeding area. So, we can take help from them to get rid of mosquitoes.


  • Use nature

Some plants may play vital roles as natural ejector to keep away mosquitoes from your patio. These types of plants have some specific chemicals within them which are effective in elimination of mosquito. Researches have revealed that insects fall to adverse living environment for these chemicals and that’s why they become bound to maintain distance from those particular areas where these plants exist. These plants are Basil, Tansy, Mint, Sweet Woodruff, Citronella, and many more. So, by planting these in your ground, you can be safe from mosquitoes. 


  • Use yellow light

Yellow doesn’t eject mosquitoes from your patio but also doesn’t attract them. If you use white lights on your ground, there may have lots of mosquitoes and other insects. Insects are very touchy with white lights. So, replace your white light with yellow light.


  • Use tents and fans

If you are having parties in your patio, then you should use tents and fans for not only to provide comfort to your guests but also to keep mosquitoes away from your patio. We all know that mosquitoes are very little insects that fall into trouble if they have to fly in heavy air. The fan can make heavy air to make your guest comfortable and ejecting the mosquitoes. On the other hand, the tent creates obstacles for mosquitoes to come in. Thus, mosquitoes can be away from your patio.


  • Spreads potential oils in your patio

Some oils kill mosquitoes if we use them in the spot where mosquitoes are available. These oils are treacherous for mosquitoes and they can ruin the living area of the mosquitoes. Eucalyptus and lavender oil often create a natural barrier and thus we may have a suitable patio free from mosquitoes.


  • Hydrogen peroxide can play a vital role

As an effective ejector hydrogen peroxide can play a vital role to eliminate mosquitoes from your patio. At first, mix it with water proportionately and spray it in all the probable spots where mosquitoes may live. Then leave the place for a few hours and your patio will be free from mosquitoes. But keep in mind that you have to be sure that this hydrogen peroxide doesn’t get in touch with foods or drinkable water.


  • Take your patio under control

Long grass or limbs of the tress should be trimmed very often to make the ground mosquito’s free area. On the other hand, after every party, you must be sure there is no leftover. You can also use candles having ejecting quality smells that keep mosquitoes away.


So, we can see that keeping mosquitoes away from your patio is not a very big deal. Just your willingness can make it happen. By going through the listed ways above, I am sure that you have got an idea of how to keep your patio free from the mosquito. On the other hand, to follow these ways will not cost you more. Just maintaining a few things, you can enjoy a healthy environment of your patio with your family and friends.

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