How To Keep Flies Out at Home?

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Flies are annoying. They seem to manage to zoom past your head repeatedly without you being able to catch them. But, they are more than just a nuisance. Flies carry an array of diseases, including typhoid, cholera, and dysentery. None are ones you would wish to catch.

Worryingly, a fly doesn’t need to land on you to pass on the disease. Flies have sensors in their feet that tell them if something is a source of food. When they detect it is they spit acid on the surface and then suck the liquefied food up.

This liquid diet means they are constantly alleviating themselves. You may not see it but fly waste is everywhere. Alongside this, it doesn’t take much imagination to consider where the fly’s feet have been.

In short, just landing on a surface will leave traces of the fly and the potential for disease.

The best way to prevent this is to keep flies out of your home. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to achieve the desired result.

Fly Screens

This is one of the simplest approaches and yet still the most effective. Simply visit a reputable supplier of fly screens Sydney and purchase screens for all your doors and windows.

You can then fasten them into position. The flies cannot get through the small holes in the screens but air can still flow into your home. You’ll also note that the screens are virtually invisible, allowing you to enjoy the view from your windows.

Blue Light Killers

You’ve seen the bug zappers, they emit blue light and then electrocute any insect that decides its attractive. They are very effective at killing flies but, as flies love blue light, they are also effective at attracting them!

The best idea is to position a blue light bug zapper outside your home, preferably not to close to where you usually sit or go in and out. The flies will be attracted to it instead of your home and leave you alone!

Clean Up

One of the biggest draws for flies is waste. Waste products, including food, are a source of food to a fly. One of the best ways of keeping the flies out of your home is to keep the food and drink locked away.

All food should be kept in sealed containers, all dishes should be washed after use, and your countertops should be wiped down. In addition, your waste bin should have a lid and be sealed shut.

This will eliminate the attractiveness of your house to flies, encouraging them to go elsewhere.


You may wish to use citronella candles or fly traps. However, the candles have a limited range which means you’ll need to surround the exterior of your home with them in order to keep the flies out. Equally, traps will kill flies but they will also attract them, making them a better last-minute solution.

Eliminating flies is surprisingly simple if you use screens and keep food waste out of their reach!