How to grow your interior design business on Instagram

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Undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the most important social media platforms. With more than 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram will provide you with a great audience reach. So, every business can take advantage of this opportunity to make awareness and increase its sales, and interior design is not an exception.

Instagram is based on sharing multi-media content which completely fits into the context of interior design. Because it will give your business a great space to show your designs with high-quality pictures. Posting on Instagram is very simple so that you do not have any limitations to showcase your works.

Of course, succeeding in any work needs a clear goal, an exact plan, effective tools, and finally deep performance analysis. You can achieve every one of these factors following our article.



By looking at successful businesses related to interior design like PMP Design, you can find that they have usually certain purposes. On Instagram also you have to define clear purposes. The most common goals for marketers on Instagram are:

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Credibility and trust
  3. Audience reach
  4. New leads
  5. Sales


Posting on Instagram is a simple task, but getting people to engage with these posts in order to increase your sales is not. You have to take care of scheduling your posts, making your content compelling and creative, getting more visits, getting more followers, and finally converting the followers into customers.



You can optimize your performance and boost your results on Instagram using some tools. There are several automation tools, for example, you can take advantage of to automate your posting. This can help you to post faster and more accurately compared with the manual manner. Also, remember to use every useful feature and apps to expand your circle of followers. For example, Stories is a fascinating feature on Instagram with which you can showcase your designs and attract fans.

Performance analysis

You should take care of your results and optimize your activities accordingly. You can use analytics tools for this purpose. Also, you should always take care of the feedback you get from your audience. Reply to them carefully and with patience. You have to reply to comments and engage with the users on a personal level. In this way, they will feel that a designer is a person just like them and subsequently they will be encouraged to purchase your designs.



Interior design is a very important matter for almost every person and even business. You can target your audience carefully and prioritize your activities on Instagram based on the most probable customers. 


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