How to Give Your Home A Makeover for 2019

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With the New Year upon us, it’s time we all started reevaluating our resolutions and goals for 2019. It might include improving your fitness, or making a leap in your career. For many? It is about giving your home a much-needed makeover. Trends seem to change weekly these days so it can be hard to know exactly what is in, and how to give your home that new and unique look. If changing your home is a goal for 2019, then use these simple tips to give your home a new look this year.

Dressing up

Home makeovers can be big or small, depending on your budget and how much you would like to change. If 2019 is your year to make small, but potentially dramatic, changes to your home décor then consider installing blinds. Curtains and fabrics are difficult to keep up to date, let alone clean or protected from the fading effects of the sun. Consider a blind option instead. Whether it’s timber venetians or a more permanent option like plantation shutters, blinds are a great way to transform an otherwise plain space in your home. Blinds also offer the versatility of colours, functionality and materials to assist with keeping your budget and vision.

Think long term

2019 is all about sustainability. When you are choosing new look furniture, installations or even lighting fixtures, consider the materials and longevity you will see from the improvements. A makeover shouldn’t be something you need to do regularly, and you don’t want to be introducing items that you will have issues with in near future. By designing your makeover with ethical standards in mind, you will ensure that your home makeover is both functional and transformative. Less is more when you are choosing between designs and features, so don’t overdo it.

Nature is growing

One of the bigger trends sweeping home makeovers for 2019 is the relationship between people and nature. Consider the space you are working with and how you may be able to bring a touch of the natural to your home. Take inspiration from vertical gardens, living walls or even vegetable installations in the kitchen. Make the next step in the open plan living concept and bring a little nature indoors, rather than keeping it outdoors. Not only will your design become unique, you’ll improve the aesthetic instantly.

A touch of the old

You may have a double take when you start to see wallpaper and florals coming back into trend. 2019 is a year where the old is becoming new again. Floral wallpapers and designs will once again offer a unique design and feel to your home. Don’t go crazy of course, but rather introduce a feature wall in the bedroom – not the entire living area. Adding a touch of colour and texture to your home will make an old space new again in no time.

Feminine inspiration

This year will be all about the tones and colours you choose, not forgetting the colours you choose to break them up with. When planning and designing your home makeover, focus on feminine tones and other warm colours on your walls. Breaking those tones up with soft pinks and neutrals will help update any room in your house.

Home makeovers can be a daunting and scary task when you first embark on it. Doing your research is critical to designing a unique and beautiful space for the long term. Consider the

sustainability of your design and the simple changes you can make to help bring your home into 2019 the right way.

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