How to get Blueprints of My House

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When homeowners decide to build a new house, it is critical to consider the original plan. There are specific reasons why this is important to any homeowner. First, the building plan of any house is essential as it shows different parts of the home. It also shows the size and the specifications of every detail, and they are necessary during remodeling projects. It will be required to buy your plan before any renovations in your home or find an expert to get it for you.

However, not all houses have blueprints, especially those which are built in rural areas. Therefore you should not strain to look for a blueprint that does not exist. But you may be asking yourself, where is the right place to find the blueprints for my house? Or you may be wondering how easy it is to find building plans for my house. If you are sure your home has an original plan, here are some of the places where you need to look for it.

1. Local Municipality Office

One best way to launch your search is by visiting the local municipality office. However, it depends on when and who created the plans. Old house plans are not likely to be in the local municipality, but sometimes you may be lucky. But your local municipality office is helpful because you can get beneficial information about your home to help you in your search.


Some city and county governments have their policies regarding blueprint online. It is possible to find that information online. When searching for that information, it is advisable to use the word property records or home records for fast results. 

2. Former Owner

If you are not the first buyer of the home, another way of getting the information you want is by contacting the former owner. Sometimes you may find that the former owner of your home has those documents, making the work very easy. If the former owner does not have the architectural design, then ask them whether they have contacts of the architect or the engineer who may be having the plan. Sometimes the former owner may have gotten a loan from the bank to build the house, and the bank may still be keeping the plan.

3. Your Realtor

Your realtor or the estate agent who you worked with while purchasing your home may hasten the process for you. If the house in question is not more than 50 years, you may get the plan through a realtor. However, sometimes the house in question may have slight variations with what the realtors have.

4. Neighbours

You can also talk to your neighbors and find out what they know. In most cases, you will find houses in your neighbourhood looking familiar. The reason may be that they were designed and build by the same people. Looking at your neighbour’s house may give you the original floor plan of your home.

5. Fire Insurance Maps

In your city hall, you may find the fire insurance maps for your area. Some of the city halls have records dating many years back. You can learn a lot about your home using the fire insurance maps. Sometimes, these maps may reveal specific details like the shape and position of doors, windows, and more. If you find this job more involving than you can afford, hiring an expert to do the work for you may be the best option.

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