How to Find the Time to Do High-Pressure Cleaning

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How to Find the Time to Do High-Pressure Cleaning

By: Jim Pullman

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Your home exterior may not reflect your dedication to a clean and hygienic home environment. This is because the exterior and some parts of interiors are subject to elements of weather, leading to dirt accumulations that can be hard to get rid of. Many homeowners are already aware that scrubbing or scouring with detergents or soap may not always get the job done. A cleaning method that has stood the test of time is pressure washing. Even in the interiors, a power wash may be required other than the normal cleaning and dusting. However, considering the damage a pressure washing machine can have on your property, it is best to leave the job to the professionals. To find time to allocate for high-pressure cleaning services, it is important to consider some factors.

How Long Does It Take to Pressure Clean A House?

House size is the main factor that would determine how long it takes to clean your house. With a small house ranging around 1200-1500 square footage, cleaning can take approximately 30 minutes. Larger homes with bigger square footage can take up to a maximum of 3 hours. Therefore, you should consider the size of your house when trying to squeeze in some minutes for your home to be pressure-cleaned. With professional cleaning companies like High Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast, several things can be done to reduce the time taken to clean your home.

• More Cleaning Technicians

The number of cleaning workers working on your house also determines how fast the job gets done. With more workers sharing duties and cleaning different parts of your home, the process becomes simpler and fast. If you were to clean the house by yourself, it would take quite some effort and loads of time to get the house cleaned effectively. This is why pressure cleaning companies are the best option for a better and faster cleaning process.

• Experience

With most homeowners having to juggle between career commitments and home chores, there is little or no time left to embark on a house exterior cleaning process. This is why it becomes more time-saving to hire well-experienced pressure cleaning experts who need no supervision and clean your home in minutes. The cleaning company’s workers’ experience plays a significant role in the amount of time you will have to allocate for such services. Individuals with less experience will generally take longer to complete a satisfactory cleanup.

• Equipment

Proper tools are required for effective and quick cleaning. Different surfaces have varying pressure cleaning requirements to avoid any damage to the surfaces. The water pressure of the pressure washing machine should be appropriately adjusted to meet the surface requirements. This is why it becomes risky to take on pressure cleaning tasks on your own. A lower pressure model of about 1200-1500 psi would be ideal for houses with softer housing material.

When Was Your Home Last Pressure Cleaned?

Anticipating the time needed to have your house pressure cleaned is important in helping you find time for the services. This is because you may need to work appointments into it since you have a busy schedule. If your house has not recently been pressure washed, then it takes longer than what it would if it were cleaner. This is why even the best of pressure cleaning companies cannot guarantee they will be able to complete the job in standard durations. The time taken will depend on how much dirt or grease needs to be removed from the surfaces in your home. The longer the dirt has settled, and mildew has been on your floors or siding, the longer and tougher it will be to get rid of.

It may initially seem more expensive for homeowners to hire expert pressure cleaning services. However, considering the time, cost of renting or buying a pressure washer and the possibility of damaging your property while doing the work yourself, it can be less expensive. For most Americans, their homes are their most valuable assets. This makes it very hard to trust your home with anyone. This is why it is very important only to choose a trustworthy pressure washing company that will effectively get the job done in a satisfactory and timely manner that will fit your schedule.

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