How to Find Deals and Discounts for Your New Furniture and Mattress

The heart and soul of a house stand in a combination of gorgeous interior design style choices and amazing furniture pieces. And. For something extra, we have the rugs, throws, and all those colorful little elements that make the space yours.

However, it’s not always easy to do everything in one take. Especially when it comes to buying new furniture. The good materials are expensive, which means that any high-quality piece you may want is also going to be costly.

But, with a bit of ingenuity and research, you may be able to reduce the costs with items such as furniture, mattresses, or rugs. Below I’ll mention some of the most effective methods you can use to find great deals in this area.

Used Furniture

I know, it doesn’t sound very stylish! However, a specialist in interior design or someone with a good eye for style would know how to choose the pieces that can have a new life. For instance, a set of wooden kitchen cabinets can look completely different with a new paint job. The same can be told about a gorgeous armoire or an armchair that may need reupholstering.


The good news is that these items are easy to find online, in used furniture stores, antique shops, or in yard sales. You just have to look close enough to distinguish the jewels.

Discounted Products

Discounts are a way to attract people into buying stuff they don’t really want. However, with a bit of restraint and research, you can find some pretty interesting offers that will fit your budget. For instance, last season furniture is most likely to go on sale when the new season starts (usually February).

Also, discounts and coupon codes can be used for all sorts of stuff, starting with rugs and ending with mattresses. There are even sites and apps designed to help you find the best possible deals! For example, I recently stumbled across, which is a neat site for mattress coupons.

Think about the Future

When buying new furniture, you may feel tempted to buy pieces that are modern and stylish. However, before you go for that contorted chair, I recommend you stop and think about how it will look in several years from now.

Modern designs go out of style quickly (just like in fashion) but the classic elements will retain their beauty and appeal for a long time. So, instead of going with the flow, try to think your furniture from the perspective of future you.

I recommend choosing simple lines, clearly defined pieces that fill the space such as couches or regular chairs. They usually cost less, are more durable, and withstand the pass of time a lot better.


Yes, haggling is a thing! Especially if you buy an expensive piece or if you buy in bulk. While you may have less success with big stores (you should still try getting a lower price), haggling works wonder with furniture producers.

So, even though you hate the idea, you should at least try to get a better price. Ask if there is any wiggle room and what would be the conditions to get a discount. Also, ask if there’s any way they could reduce the shipping fees.

You may be surprised at the money you get to save by simply asking!

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