How to Ensure Your Furniture is Free from Pest Infestation

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Your home is never perfect without the right furniture. That is why there are different types of furniture for every space in your home and your preferred style. The only concern with furniture is that they are susceptible to pests.

Termites can destroy your expensive pieces in a few months. On the other hand, bedbugs can take away the comfort offered by your furniture and instead make them something to avoid.

That is why you need furniture that is free from pests for them to serve you for a longer time. You can secure this by doing the following.

Buying New Instead of Used Furniture

Buying new furniture is one of the ways to protect old pieces already in your home. How?

Used furniture might contain pests from the previous owner. Even after fumigation, some pests and eggs can still survive if they manage to hide well inside the furniture. With time, they will multiply and start spreading to other pieces in your home.

You can avoid the infestation by opting to buy new furniture since they have not been in a home or office environment with pests. Therefore, you won’t be bringing termites and bedbugs to your home and exposing the rest of your valuable furniture.

Buying Furniture from Leading Stores 

You can prevent pests in your home by buying furniture from leading shops such as Koala Living furniture store and not just any dealer. This is because the best stores know the dangers posed by pests such as termites. Thus, they ensure that the pieces they are selling are well-protected.

They achieve this by making sure their products are made with the right materials. This can include decay and rot-resistant woods and the right wood polish. Therefore, when you buy from these stores, you will never have to worry about termites, beetles, and carpenter ants destroying your expensive pieces once they get home.

Protect Furniture Against Moisture

Moisture in your furniture encourages the presence of pests in your home. This is because wet wood acts as a food source for termites, which creates a conducive breeding ground. Therefore, if you want to protect your furniture from pests, make sure that it is placed in a dry environment.

For indoor furniture, ensure that the place is well-ventilated to allow for free movement of air. Also, avoid using water to clean the furniture and instead opt for a microfiber cloth.

For outdoor furniture, ensure that the pieces are not placed in direct contact with soil and exposed to the sun. Alternatively, you can use water-resistant finishing so that they don’t get wet during the rainy season.  

In conclusion, ensure your furniture is free from pest infestation by doing three things. First, choose new instead of used furniture that might contain pests from the previous owner. Second, buy from leading sellers such as Koala Living furniture stores because their products are made with materials not susceptible to pests. Finally, protect your furniture from moisture.