How to Choose the Best Site Location for Your Steel Building

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Check Out Local Building Codes

Before purchasing a steel building, you will want to take a look at not only the International Building Code, but also the building codes specific to the state that you are staying in. These building codes are used for the safety of any occupants and these vary from state to state. For example, Idaho has a lower wind uplift rating requirement than many other states, and so on so forth. You may also want to have a local engineer take a look at your steel building plans to ensure that it complies with all building code requirements in your area.


What Are the Zoning Regulations In Your Chosen Location?

After checking what the local building code requirements are, you will also need to verify any zoning regulations in your location too. The construction of any commercial buildings is only permitted in any lands that are zoned commercially and this same rule also applies to residential buildings.


Wind Direction

When choosing a location for your steel building, it is important that you consider the direction of the wind. If your location has consistently high wind exposure, then you may want to reconsider your chosen location. With your design, you will want to make sure that any windows or doors are facing away from any high winds to avoid the full brunt of this and will reduce damage to your steel building in the long run.


Water Drainage

In your chosen steel building location, you will need to check where the water runs to when it is raining. You do not want to accidently end up erecting your steel building on a site that is easily flooded as this can cause serious structural damage and high moisture levels.


Sunlight Exposure

When designing and ordering a steel building, you need to make sure that it fits with your surrounding climate. The way in which your building is facing will determine how much it heats up in both the summer and winter months. This will also give you a good idea of other design ideas to implement around your steel building, such as a covered porch or awnings if you live in a hot climate.

As you can see, there is lots of things to take into consideration with the location of your steel building. Before you design yours and make a purchase, make sure that you have completed each of these steps, so you know you are making a good investment and choosing the best steel building location.

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