• How to Choose the Best Recliner for Sleeping For a Contemporary Living Room

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    Recliners are an awesome design for sofas that shouldn’t miss in your living room. They’re so perfect for relaxation on a hot summer afternoon. If you’re the type that watches movies, a recliner can enhance your comfort.

    Now, is choosing a recliner easy? Of course, there are many sizes, designs, and colors. What should you look at when choosing one for your contemporary living room? Check this out.


    5 Steps to follow when you choosing the recliner for a contemporary living room

    1. Size

    Recliners vary in sizes. What may fit another person may not fit you. You don’t want a chair in which you’ll squeeze yourself to fit in. The size you choose will determine how much comfort you get from the recliner. Also, don’t forget about your living room space. Is it too big to fit in the available space? Is it so small that it may leave some unwanted empty space? This can greatly ruin your living room arrangement and design.

    Make sure you choose the right size to perfect fitting.

    1. Design

    Recliners come in different designs. Some recliners have cuter shapes than others. Also, you can find a chair that reclines at the backrest and footrest simultaneously. Another one may only recline one part at a time.

    The design of the chair you choose should also depend on the rest of the chairs in your living room. You don’t want an odd one out chair in your room. It may ruin your interior living room décor. You don’t want this, do you?

    1. Quality

    Quality is such a big word. It represents numerous characteristics of the recliner, including the needs you want from it. For instance, you should choose a durable recliner. You don’t want it to break when your kids come jumping on it. It should also be very comfortable. This is the primary reason you’re buying it in the first place.

    The type of material used will determine its quality. Make sure the material is good enough to resist fading and fast tearing. The sponge should be thick and soft enough for maximum comfort. Also, choose a perfect color for the fabric to complement your interior décor.

    1. Mode of powering

    There are recliners that require electricity to work. Others have built-in batteries that can be charged. Some are manual and can be positioned away from the wall. What type of power are you comfortable with? Are you fine with a little increase in the electricity bill? Choose a recliner which you can power comfortably.

    If you want to save electricity costs as much as possible, then a manual recliner may be the best for you. The powering mode you choose determines the amount of physical effort you apply on operating it. Electric recliners are easier to use.

    1. Range of motion

    Some recliners may only tilt up to 45 degrees. Others may go up to 180 degrees. What range of motion do you prefer? If you only need a little tilt, then you should choose one with a narrower range of motion. In case you need to tilt up to the lying position, choose a wider range of motion.

    For a disabled person or any other person with a health condition, a wider range of motion may be suitable. Wait, why should you even buy a recliner?

    Recliners are very crucial. That’s why should own at least one in your living room. If the cost allows you, you can fill the whole of your living room with recliners and even have one in your bedroom. You want absolute comfort, don’t you?


    Also, you can simply read this article from Happysleepyhead with the best recliners for sleeping and choose one of them for your living room.

    Now, what do you benefit from a recliner?

    1. It is good for your health

    People with disabilities, back pains, knee pains, and overall health conditions may really benefit from this chair. It enhances blood circulation as you elevate your legs on the footrest. It also tilts the back, relieving any pressure on the spinal cord. This is perfect for relieving back pains and relaxing your body.

    1. It is perfect for comfort

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