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Operators of Forklifts generally use industrial trucks for carrying and lifting loads that are quite heavy. In order to be in a position where you are allowed to drive a forklift, you must be fully certified. The process of getting certified includes attending certain classes for some duration of time, going through some training that is quite hands-on, and then excelling in an exam that is often offered to gauge the level of understanding. This is most important because of the number of accidents and injuries involving personnel, that may take place, as a result of not being to fully meet the required qualifications. Check out iSeekplant to find more brisbane surveyors

Importance of getting the right certification for a forklift operator

Quite a number of companies rely greatly on forklifts to be able to move objects that are quite heavy and large; around the storage facilities, sites of construction as well as warehouses. The safety of the drivers that operate these machines is very critical, especially because the machines are used for carrying very large loads.


Operators that are well trained and focus will therefore go a long way in helping to prevent accidents that may include the injuries of workers and overturning of the forklifts. Because of this, in order to get a job as an operator of a forklift, you must first obtain certification from the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA). This is especially so that you can know, as an operator, how to properly have the machine run, together with all the risks that come with it.

Benefits of getting the Certification from the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA)

OSHA requires that the operators of forklift become certified, as a way of helping to prevent injuries and driving that may otherwise be very unsafe during the operation process. Employers are able to benefit greatly in the following ways by making sure that all their operators are certified:

Lesser damage involving property and equipment

Low rates of insurance

Much safer workplaces

Boosted morale of the employees, because they will bear in mind that their employer cares better for them

Increased productivity because less time and money will be spent on accidents and careless mistakes involving operating the forklifts

The certification of the forklift operators is also able to benefit them in the following ways:

Ensuring that they are better qualified for any jobs involving forklift operations

Help in reducing the possibilities and risks of getting injuries

Help in making contributions for promotions and stability at the workplace

It is important to note that the certification procedure for a forklift operator also includes the inspection, from time to time of basic and training repairs, which can greatly help in preventing the malfunction of the forklift and also helps to extend the life span of the truck.

Procedure for earning the certification for a forklift operator

As an operator, you are able to get the certification of a forklift operator, by undertaking a course that is approved by the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA). You can undertake the course either online or physically in person.

Many operators, however, often choose to attend the course through in-person training through a local company or vocational schools. These courses often include regular classwork attendance, a written test, and a practical hands-on evaluation and training.

The steps in completing the forklift operator certification program are as follows:

1.Determination of the exact type of forklift you require certification on

You are supposed to receive the relevant training and subsequent certification on the truck that you will be operating on. The latter may include the different forklift types including the stand-up, sit-down, or counterbalance. Ensure that you get this right in order to avoid any confusion in the operation of the different types.

2.Actual signing up for the certification course

You should look for a training program around your area that is OSHA-approved. You can be able to do this especially through your employer, any vocational schools and colleges that are local within your vicinity, or even through the forklift dealers.

3.Undertaking the Classes

The very first part of the training of the forklift operator is the coursework that is mainly based on safety, techniques for driving, general OSHA rules, maintenance for forklift, and many others. These particular classes often take an average of about six to eight hours in total. They might be inclusive of videos, lectures, and written educational lecture materials.

4. Passing of the actual exam

At the end of the classwork, you will be required to undertake an exam that is written. The students must be able to have a score of at least 75% to be in a position to continue with their training program.

5.Finishing the hands-on training

Once you have successfully passed the examination, you must then be able to demonstrate the skills that you have acquired, on an actual forklift. Here, an experienced trainer will show the students how the forklift equipment is operated, then the students will later undertake the required exercises.

The latter includes lifting loads, inspecting the forklift, navigating through spaces that are narrow, loading materials onto the forklift, and many others. At the end of all this, the trainer gets to grade the students based on their efficiency, skills, and safety.

6.Final Evaluation

The instructor will be able to carry out a final evaluation of the overall performance based on both the score gotten in the written exam and the hands-on driving expertise. If both are to satisfaction of the trainer, then the student becomes certified.

Once you have been able to successfully become certified, you will then receive a license for a forklift that you can show to your employers in the event that you are looking for a job. The certificate will come bearing your name, specific forklift training, the date you got evaluated as well as the name of the personnel that trained and evaluated you.

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