• How often Should I have my Drains cleaned?

    Your drains are an essential part of your home. But, despite being essential they are often overlooked until there is an issue. Considering that raw sewage carries diseases it’s a good idea to avoid it coming into your home.

    In short, you need to include drain cleaning as part of your regular maintenance schedule. There are several criteria you should consider regarding when to have your drains cleaned.

    When They’re Clogged

    Although human waste and toilet paper are the only things that are supposed to go down the drains this is not always the case. Anything that goes down the drains that shouldn’t can cause a blockage. The only way to know about these before they become an issue is to inspect your drains regularly. It’s a good idea to invest in a good quality sewer camera for sale and some drain rods. These will allow you to find any clog and clear it.

    You’ll know a clog is starting to form when the water drains slowly. If it does this from your sinks and toilet then you probably have a sewer pipe issue. If it’s just from one appliance then you may have an issue with the drain between it and the sewer line. Both can be sorted with rods and a camera.

    Drain Cleaning

    It’s a good idea to have the professionals check your drains every couple of years. In the interval you should run a camera through your drains every 6 months, this will help you to spot problems as they start to occur.

    Finding an issue gives you the option of sorting it or of getting expert help.

    Things That Can Help

    Older houses are particularly prone to drains clogging. It’ simple, they’ve had a lot of waste going through them over the years and they may be suffering from age. You’re unlikely to know what others have put down the drain before you, that’s why it’s essential you take precautionary steps straight away.

    It’s a good idea to fit a drain filter. This prevents waste from going down the drains when it shouldn’t. You should also avoid leaving uneaten food on your plate as it may be washed down the drain. It’s better to brush the unwanted food into your garbage bin before you leave the plate to be washed or place it in the dishwasher.

    In addition, make sure you have a good bin, with a lid, in the bathroom. This will encourage people to dispose of waste in the right place instead of potentially clogging your pipes. 

    The less stress on your drains the better as they are less likely to encounter an issue.

    You should also assess your yard. By identifying the path the sewer pipe takes you can make sure there are no trees near it. Their roots can wrap around the sewer pipes and damage them. 

    Don’t forget, you’re responsible for the pipes between your home and the main sewer pipe. Maintaining them regularly can help you to avoid costly and inconvenient repairs.  

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