• How Humidifier Can Give Your Room Pure Class

    The importance of a humidifier cannot be over-stated. Humidifiers help people with skin issues and respiratory challenges.

    A good room humidifier will relieve you of such problems as dry skin, nose irritation, cracked lips, headache, dry throat, bloody noses, dry cough, irritated vocal cords, and sinus congestion. 

    While I cannot discount the value of this important machine, they must be used by prescribed guidelines and maintenance calendar.

    Since a room humidifier can be a great way to add moisture to the air, we must take note of the risks involved so you can maximize it.

    Humidifiers can cause more harm than they are meant to prevent

    It is essential to be safe around humidifiers. Room Humidifiers turn water into moisture that will be inhaled along with the air. If your room humidifier is dirty, the vapor you breathe in will also be dirty. Moreover, a dark, humid tank is a breeding ground for germs. When this occurs, the original aim of the humidifier, which is to help rid the atmosphere of harmful gases and particles, is defeated.

    To prevent this, you must clean the unit regularly. Abe sure to clean your humidifier thoroughly according to the instruction of the manufacturer. 

    Do not allow water to sit in the humidifier for a long time. For room humidifiers that have filters, replace them regularly.

    Excess humidity can be harmful, as much as a lack of it

    The purpose of the humidifier is to have enough moisture in the air, but excessive levels of humidity—50%humidity and above—can make breathing difficult and worsen some symptoms of allergies like molds, mildew, and dust mites.

    Endeavor to have a hydrometer or humidity meter along with your humidifier if your room humidifier does not have a built-in method of measuring humidity. This will help prevent excessive levels of humidity. 

    Use of hard water or tap water

    It is recommended to use clean and pure water in your room humidifier, because tap water that is not filtered may contain some mineral particles that are not purified (hard water). This type of water can accumulate in the machine and cause it to develop problems sooner than it should. And if the humidifier can push these minerals into the air, they may land on the wrong places and pose a threat to the hygiene of the room.

    Room Humidifier and Underlying Sinus Problems

    Using a humidifier can help with dry sinuses, it can also cause harm. Dust mite and mold growth are stimulated more in humid environments, so if people are allergic to dust and mold, or if they have asthma, using a humidifier could aggravate these conditions.

    Stream Burns

    Some other risks associated with using a humidifier include steam burns from units that use heat and the growth of mold where moisture has accumulated on walls and ceilings

    Anyone using a humidifier should avoid getting too close to the machine. When using a humidifier in a room with a child, it is important to supervise them.

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