How can you improve your home’s energy efficiency?

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Sustainability. We’ve all be talking about it for a while now, but since the pandemic and lockdown life, the collective consumer attitude seems to have shifted towards a decidedly greener theme. 

This is great news for the planet, what with the whole climate change thing and all that, but sustainable initiatives are also good for us as individuals, not least when it comes to our bills at the end of the month. 

Better energy efficiency in the home will not only save you a few quid but do a bit for the greater good as well. If you’re interested in this mutually beneficial deal, there are four key changes you can make in your home. 

A boiler replacement 

Let’s start with the heavy hitter. 

Yes, boiler replacements are expensive – usually costing anywhere between £500-£2,500. That’s a big investment, but one that offers considerable returns in the long run. 

Moving to an energy efficient boiler can save you up to £350 annually. That’s pretty good going in ROI terms even if you spend that top end £2,500. Of course, if you’re being super green, you could install a wood pellet burning biomass boiler, but that’ll set you back a rather daunting £7,000-£13,000. 

Better insulation 

Have you got insulation in your house? There’s a good chance you might not even know the answer to that question. And that’s OK, but it’s worth finding out, and fitting some if indeed you don’t. 

Insulation, most commonly found in lofts but also used in solid walls, cavity walls and floors, will help retain heat in your home as well as reduce the possibility of damaging damp. Each of those insulation types mentioned above can save you anywhere from £65-245 a year. Not bad going. 

Review your doors and windows 

How much heat do you reckon you lose through old windows? According to SafeStyle UK, 18% of your home’s total heat can be lost through poorly insulated frames. If you invest in energy efficient windows, you can save an estimated £120-£155 a year. 

How about your doors? That seems less obvious, but draught proofing your doors properly can save you around £25 a year. You can get door seals from suppliers like RS to help insulate your edges, or indeed a new door entirely if your current one is feeling particularly creaky. 

Get a smart meter 

A smart meter will offer you accurate, real-time information on your energy usage, helping you to better manage your energy utilisation and cut down on waste. Depending on the smart control, you might be able to take finer control over you heating, too. 

Smart meters are fast becoming a household staple, with UK government directives looking to see a smart meter fitted in every home across the UK by 2024. It’s not a bad idea to get one sooner, though. 

When you’re making your home more energy efficient, you’re not only saving money but making your home a warmer, more comfortable place to live. Oh yeah, and the planet’s better off for it, too – so everybody wins.