Houses – Unusual Subjects for Commissioned Portraits in the 21st Century

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Paintings and artwork were originally developed as a medium for enshrining human subjects in the absence of photography and cameras. Artists painted frames to depict their interpretations of seas, landscapes, animals, flowers, and various inanimate objects. Houses and buildings were usually illustrated either as backgrounds for other subjects or indoor settings for humans. In the last few years, people are discovering the worth of house portraits and how they can preserve the memory of a much-loved home. 

Changing Life Circumstances May Result in a Relocation

Several reasons can influence your decision to move to a new place. Better career prospects, a higher position, dream job, growing family, or downsizing after retirement – homeowners may have to pack up and leave a beloved house. Whatever your life circumstances are, you’d want to preserve the memory of the place where you moved after getting married or the birth of a child. 

Digital prints scarcely do justice to a house that represents the hopes, aspirations, and happy times their owners may have spent in it. Getting a hand-illustrated portrait is a much better way to capture the character of the home, much like it encapsulates the personality and essence of human subjects.

Home Portraits Can be Customized as Needed

Commissioning hand-illustrated portraits can do what digital prints cannot – they can be customized according to preferences. You could request the artist to depict the house in winter amidst the snow or add the brilliant hues of the trees in the garden during the fall. Even if you don’t have a picture of how you wish to remember the place, you can get the artist to draw it exactly as you want. 

Include an old jalopy that the family loved or a dog the kids adored who is no longer with you. Add images of an old toy wagon or tricycle. Or, perhaps, the kids swinging in the play yard. You’ll hang up the painting in your new home where it will always serve as a reminder of a different era in your life.

Your Could Commission a Portrait as a Gift

House portraits make excellent and unusual gift ideas for friends and family. Don’t have a picture of their old house? That’s ok. You could scour real estate listings for an image and send it over to the artist. Paint a verbal picture with all the details you can remember and leave it to the experts to do the rest. Your loved ones will be delighted at the thoughtful gift and always cherish it as a keepsake. 

Many real estate agents also commission a house painting to present to their clients who have just sold a beloved home. You might just receive this token along with a box of chocolates and flowers to appreciate your business. 

Placing an order for a hand-illustrated painting of your home is a lovely way to bring it with you when you move away. Or as a gift for a loved one with an unusual subject typical of the 21st century.