• honorary Monument to Kazimir Malevich “ARCHITECTON M³”

    honorary Monument to Kazimir Malevich “ARCHITECTON M³


    “ Everything which we loved is lost. We are in a desert … Before us is nothing but a black square on a white background! ”

    Kazimir Malevich

    From Designers :

    Kazimir Malevich is the founder of Suprematism – one of the earliest manifestations of the abstract art of modern times. Therefore the basis of the plaque, dedicated to him and his artwork, laid its basic principle – a combination of planes of simple geometric shapes on the example of his most famous artworks – icons of the abstract art of XX century: “Black Square”, “Black Cross” and “Black Circle”. If we imagine that in these pictures “white” – is a void, something intangible, and “ black” – is a substance, tangible solid mass; and each side of the cube represents the painting, then the spatial geometric intersections of those symbols inside the cube, the black figures form asymmetric intersection, a kind of Tridimensional Suprematist Manifesto, which draws a parallel with the famous Malevich’s “arkhitektons” by its distinctive shape and profound inner content and makes it a unique landmark that delicately reflects the philosophy of the great artist’s work.




    The proposed material for the production of the monument is volcanic lava. This material was not chosen by chance. If you consider the black color on the canvases of the famous works of Malevich, for example, to the fragment of the painting “Black Square” in 1915, you will see a lot of defects in black paint: cracks, points, cavities, heterogeneity and inclusions of the color image hidden behind the final finishing layer. All this reminds us of a frozen volcanic lava, which, as it cools, begins to crack, blackens, acquires over time an expressive heterogeneous surface structure, each centimetre in its own way unique and matchless. Notable features of this material will allow filling the surface of the monument with rich tactile and visual properties, create a unique image of the future sculptural object.



    Сasting the lava in a preformed form and its natural setting and hardening.



    Architect’ Firm:garaninbrothers workshop



    Lead Architects:  Sergey Garanin, Vladimir Garanin

    Project location: Moscow, Russia


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