Homeowners in Singapore can use to avoid Unqualified Renovation Contractors

Homeowners in Singapore can use to avoid Unqualified Renovation Contractors




Mr. and Mrs. John were supposed to move into the newly renovated home in May, but two months later, they are still paying rent out of their pocket because their renovation contractor has not completed the work in time. The couple hired a renovation company in Singapore, whose key work is interior design to renovate their unit in February and got the promise that the work will be complete by the end of May.

They have a newborn, and they want to move into their bigger and safer flat as quickly as possible. However, the couple has been making frequent visits to their new home, and it does not seem like the work will complete any time soon. Their house now looks more like a demolition instead of a house that is under renovation. The renovation contractor has littered the floor with material and fixings that have not been installed and has brought down several walls.


When they ask why there is a delay with the work, all they get are excuses ranging from the unavailability of renovation materials in Singapore to lack of labor. This is despite the fact that the couple has paid a significant amount of money to get the work done one time.

Apparently, the family is not alone as numerous unsolved cases in Singapore have to do with uncompleted renovation projects in the country. Below are some tips that homeowners in Singapore can use to vet their renovation contractors to ensure that they will deliver on time.

  • Use an accredited renovation contractor as it assures the customer of availability of a wide range of avenues to resolve disputes with contractors in Singapore
  • Use a model agreement like the one provided by the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE)
  • Render payments for the renovation work progressively as the work continues. Never make upfront payments for renovation work.
  • Be aware of all the available avenues in Singapore that you can use to resolve disputes with your Singapore renovation contractor
  • Take a look at a variety of quotations and do a thorough research of all the vying companies before making a decision or committing to one to decrease vulnerability of hiring a fraudulent renovation contractor



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