Having a Minimalistic Living Space

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Over the years, many people find that they have collected a large number of possessions, or filled their storage containers to the brim. While some items may hold sentimental attachment to you, many of these may no longer have a place within your home, or even your life. By considering what is important to you, as well as helping you to free up space within your home, you can start to practice a more minimalistic approach to showcasing and storing items within your home.


Out of all of the frames you have bought, or been gifted, and pictures you have taken over the years, it is entirely possible that many have simply been gathering dust for years, or have only been left on display because you are unsure what else to do with them. Rather than becoming trapped in the same repeating patterns, you could instead free up surfaces of old, seldom-noticed images, and replace these with wall art. By utilising the space on your walls with prints such as hexagon photo tiles, you can regain some of the rest of the space in your home, and instead opt for images of your choosing, as opposed to those that stay out only because that is what you have become accustomed to.

Utilising Storage


Another great way to appear more minimalistic, or at least have less on show, is to make the most of the storage space that your home provides. This doesn’t, of course, mean that you need to fill every nook and cranny with items that you would rather not have on display, but instead you should use the spaces properly. This means making sure that you only keep hold of items that you are likely to use, as well as any that have real value to you. Some of the best ways of making the most of storage space involve the distribution of your items, such as by folding clothes properly so they take up less drawer space, or organising your paperwork so it lays flat, and items are also easier to find.

Have a Cleaning Routine

One of the most important parts of creating and maintaining a minimalistic living space is to keep on top of it. While you may go into your plans with good intentions to cut down on clutter and possessions, it can be easy to fall into old habits. Instead, make a point of always putting things away, not buying more than you need, and even making certain surfaces a clutter-free zone. Something as simple as having a designated mail organizer means that post and other paper-based items will have a designated storage place until they are sorted, filed, or destroyed, which can look a lot neater than simply having those articles splayed out over various surfaces. 

Being more minimalistic doesn’t mean that you cannot have, and enjoy, personal possessions. Instead, it is more about only keeping items that mean something to you, and reducing the amount you own overall to create a clearer, more inhabitable living space.


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