Harmonic Set of Volumes Intertwined with Each Other – The Park House | Thinkspace Design Studio

Harmonic Set of Volumes Intertwined with Each Other – The Park House | Thinkspace Design Studio

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Bangalore is an open ended city having a nonconformist cultural agenda, offering a sense of conceptual freedom, allowing us as architects to explore the diverse conditions arising out of juxtaposition of histories and different cultures. We strive through our work to give an expression to the layers that so vividly characterizes this landscape.

Design Ideology :         

A subtle foreground to the natures backdrop.

The design visualization is to let the house merge and do the talking to the natural surroundings which is the backdrop to the house rather than it being the dominant characteristic overpowering its surroundings. The thought behind the conceptualizing of the house goes back to the clients love for nature & open spaces. It evolves organically over time  instead of creating rigid defined spaces. 

The 3000 sft N-E corner park facing site located in J.P.Nagar , Bengaluru  is weaved & designed around an existing park & a visually connected landscape corridor.  Introducing a landscape corridor implies an accretive attitude ,helping in experiencing of dialogue between the interior & exterior spaces thus defining an extension to the spaces.

The park  house is the result of a harmonic set of volumes intertwined with each other and produce a mosaic of light and shadow, transparency and opacity, where internal and external spaces connect as one environment.

The stilt floor consists of the hometheatre,office space,carpark & servant quarters whereas the ground floor consists of double ht. living, dining, kitchen, puja room, master bedroom and landscape corridor which could double up as an outdoor sitout and  garden.

The first floor consists of private master bedroom, kid’s bedroom, family area,& private balconies.These  floating cubic balconies overlook to the landscape corridor below and park beyond, maintaining quiet but a stoic presence on the street.

The partial second floor consists of multipurpose room which opens into terrace gardens offering a 360* views of the surrounding landscapes & thereby connecting to nature,which  brings a sense of ease and tranquility.

Almost all areas of the house have visual access to the landscape corridor & the park beyond, which provides a pleasing focal point for a home, enhancing the feeling of being with nature. The park house is based on ideas of simplicity ,harmony,authenticity  detail & connectivity by creating a character and personality which gets better with time. Not only do they bring in warmth to the spaces, but also ensure that house blends effortlessly with the surrounding landscape.

In conjunction with some of TSDS’s planning strategies of spatial sequencing, framing of views and controlling of light to create a variety of different atmospheres and experiences throughout the house, and also to interweave the planning with contextually important principles of Vaastu.

The circulation is planned in such a way that the spaces are slowly unfolded to the visitor in an experimental and spatial journey throughout the house. The interior & exterior color scheme and material palette is kept neutral and just the right amount of quirkiness is added in the furniture and lighting which complement the ambience.

This organizational relationship of the built with the open spaces signifies our design  intent of outdoors forming an integral  part of the living experience. Floating telescopic balconies,large windows,landscape corridor & exterior finishes characterizes the architecture, adding to tactile quality of spaces bringing in sense of warmth,intimacy and connection through subtle changes in the scales of the various spaces.

All of this is complemented by harnessing natural light to create experiences , the family can identify with and cherish.


Designed by : Thinkspace Design Studio

Project Type : Residential

Project Name : The Park House

Location : Bangalore

Year Built : 2021

Duration of project : 1.5 Year

Plot Area : 2830 SFT

Built up : 6500 SFT

Project Cost : 4.5 crore.

Principal Architect : Ashish Kumar

Team Design Credits : Namratha, Kushal, Prashanth, Libin

Photograph Courtesy : Sanjith Seetharam

Color Palette for each area :

Products & Materials : R.C.C. Frame & Block Masonary | Lighting : HYBEC | Sanitaryware : Hansgrohe | Furniture : Trezure Furniture, Simply Sofas, Notle | Flooring : Marble Centre – Onyx, Black Marwuina, Bulgari Grey Marble, Beige Travertine, Parador wooden Floring | Kitchen : Hafele | Paint : Armourcoat | Artefacts : Eikowa | Wallpaper – upholstery – soft furnishings : The Decorons Trinity | Hardware : Hafele, Blum | Automation : Babbler Group

Consultants for the Project :  Civil : Sandeep Ventures | Structure Engineers : Chetan & Associates | Interior Designers : Thinkspace Design Studio

Basic Insights of your firm and the project :

  1. Please share with us challenges faced by you during the process of design ideation till execution of the project. We are sure there might be many and you would have overcome it successfully. 

Challenges are important  part of any projects.To overcome them successfully makes the project more interesting & joyous.This time I would say corona times were unpredictable & tough though.

2. What is that one design element in the entire space which has your heart. (please share the image of that/those elements)

The double height living & cantilevered telescopic balconies  which opens to the park and the nature beyond.

3. Design Style which is followed by the project .

Modern And Minimal

4. Inspiration for this project

Charles Correa’s Design Phylosophy

5. If the project is influenced highly by the context of the site, please share with us the insight for that. 

As the name suggests (The Park House) The project sits on the corner plot Facing Park with all its important activities like Living, Dining, Bedroom, & Balcony Facing the park to capture more nature Within.

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