Grab Hire vs Skip Hire

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Getting rid of garbage on your property can be a demanding exercise. You may need professional services to dispose of the waste.Choosing between a skip lorry or a grab truck may not be straightforward. Your decision can affect the cost, ease, and duration of the garbage disposal.

Which lorry should you hire?

This post will help you discover essential considerations when evaluating your options.

1. Permit


You may need a permit from your local council if you hire a skip. The approval will ensure that the skip will not cause any disruption or interfere with traffic. Depending on the situation, the local council can deny your application. This occurrence affects your waste disposal plans.

You won’t need a permit if you hire a grab truck. These lorries won’t cause considerable disruptions, as they have an average turnaround time of about 30 minutes. The operator collects the garbage and leaves within a short period.

2. Garbage Handling

Skip hire Luton will need manual labour. These workers will move the garbage into the lorry by carrying it, using a shovel, or transporting it with a wheelbarrow. The work might not be an issue if it is a smaller project. You might not want to spend time and money on loading considerable waste into the skip.

Hiring a grab lorry may be best if the project involves substantial waste. The truck has a hydraulic arm that expedites the garbage handling. You’ll enjoy grab trucks’ efficiency, as they load large volumes of junk in one sitting.

3. Waste Disposal Speed

How quickly do you want the garbage removed?

If you want the waste removed quickly, a grab hire Dunstable can be the best option. The lorry has an average turnaround time of about 30 minutes. Grab trucks also carry up to three times the capacity of standard skip lorries. They are the best option for efficiency and speed.

4. The Waste’s Location

The area where the garbage is can affect your decision. For example, skips are heavy and massive. Once you put them in place, moving them is challenging. Grab trucks are versatile and agile. You can park them outside your property and use their hydraulic arm to pick the garbage inside your compound. The arm can stretch over the fence to pick waste with no challenges.

5. Type of Project

You can hire either lorry for domestic and commercial projects.

A skip can be more appropriate for domestic projects. You are likely to have less waste to remove, but the exercise can last a few days or weeks. Once you hire the skip, you’ll leave it in your garden and load it with waste during the project. Ask the company to remove it when you finish your undertaking.

A grab truck may be appropriate for projects if you don’t get a permit for a skip. The lorry will come and remove the waste when you are ready. Grab trucks carry more waste and collect them quickly. They may be best for commercial waste disposal.

Choosing the best garbage disposal lorry has many benefits. You’ll find the best truck for the job. You will also limit the trips you need to dispose of the waste, saving time and money.

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