Global Yachting – Private Yacht Charter

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If you enjoy luxury and privacy, the option to charter a ship to use for your own exclusive use is a fantastic way to enjoy global ports and scenery. Yachts featured in this article cover all sizes and range from suave Mediterranean cruisers that promise sophistication and glamour for guests who crave ancient history, up to sail vessels that take guests out into the offshore breeze.

What is a private yacht charter?

Having a private yacht charter from Tulum is a unique way to explore the world from the sky. You get to enjoy different places at your own pace and do it without any noise or wake from big vessels taking over the spot you wanted to take it in. Private yacht charter refers to the pleasure of your own private yacht at your disposal. There are three types of charter that include (1) bareboat (2) day charters (3) week charters. Each charter comes with various benefits like additional staff providing yacht security, their personal chef service, and cocktail.

Varieties of Private Yacht Charter


To fit many people’s tastes, the global yacht charter offers a selection of yachts in various sizes, shapes, and with different criteria for luxury. Most yachts are typically equipped with extensive navigation equipment for digital charts, classic navigation books, radar systems, remote controls, high-performance engines…

When would you use public charter?

If you want to break the bank and own a yacht, a private charter is your best bet. These charters can be a lot more affordable than public use where you would rent the boat from owners looking to make some extra money on the side. Public usage will allow you to have an intimate experience with nature at its best rather than being stuck in a hotel room when enjoying the water. It’s a question that many yachters who charter outside of Europe ask themselves, with no straightforward answer. Some factors you should consider when chartering a yacht in the US are: how is the country perceived, manageability of lines?

When would you recommend chartering a boat in the US versus deciding to buy your own boat?

Other benefits of private charter

This offers a number of other benefits such as scheduling at your leisure and the flexibility to travel to the many islands that surround Bermuda, such as Smith’s and Sandys. The privacy afforded you by private charters is enhanced when compared to taking a ship cruise or staying in a hotel.

Types of yachts for private charters

A private yacht charter is a great way to get away from it all! There are many different types of yachts for private charters in Halifax- depending on your needs and what you’re after. Sea-going speed boats, catamarans, big luxury yachts, sturdy fishing boats, and more!

Costs of yacht charters

If you are looking for a yacht charter at the most affordable price, you will get it at Global Yachting. Operating on an ultra-low charter fleet of 10 yachts, this company provides the most cost-effective rates around.

Safety precautions for yacht charters or visits to immaculate bays or ports

It is always better to be safe than sorry, man! For your safety, travel in groups or with someone who is familiar with unpacking packages and picking up the land-based luggage that may arrive frequently during your lifetime of the charter.

What is the protocol for communication with shore?

Many types of communication instruments exist such as HF (high frequency) radio, VHF (very high frequency), GSM sat phones, or satellite phones. The crew should know how to use them and the shore station should be able to communicate with them in order to receive useful information like weather and location updates.

When should communication be cut off to enjoy your trip?

Communication is one of the most important parts of traveling. You want to be able to contact your helpers at any time you need them, but some are asking how much communication is too much. Some people enjoy their time on a yacht so much that they often choose not to answer calls or use technology in any way at all during the trip. While it is difficult for others to disconnect completely in order to have a peaceful vacation, it is generally recommended not to have any form of communication when in the presence of others who may be in unsavory company.