Get Your Chimney Ready for Winter Now

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What to Consider Before Lighting Your First Fire

When was the last time you had a chimney sweep? That is the first question and the most important question that you need to ask and answer before you light your first fire. You want to make sure your chimney is clean and that there is no toxic buildup that can cause smoke or dangerous fumes to fill up inside of your home.

Finding a reliable chimney professional can feel daunting sometimes, so consider hiring a professional chimney company that has a trusted background and has been in the industry for years delivering successful service.

When Should You Schedule a Chimney Inspection & Cleaning?

A yearly chimney inspection is required, and you should schedule a chimney inspection and a chimney sweep now before the harsh New England winter weather arrives.

You and your family’s safety; and potentially lives, depend on it.

Winter always comes faster than expected and before you can sit in front of your cozy fireplace, it’s best to have our professionals sweep and remove toxic soot, tar and creosote buildup. Once that is done, it’s much easier for us to take a closer look at your chimney’s structural integrity and make sure everything is intact. Creosote buildup can be diagnosed as first degree, second degree, or third-degree buildup: All degrees require immediate attention because they are all highly combustible.

What to Expect During a Chimney Cleaning?

The top priority for any chimney cleaning company is to make sure your chimney’s ventilating system is operating at its best and that there aren’t any dangerous blockages. Chimney professionals are thorough and follow protocols that will help keep your family safe throughout the year.

During an inspection, they make sure your chimney cap and screen is secured. They also inspect the condition of your brick and mortar and check the flue liner for excessive creosote buildup or cracked flue tiles. Additionally, if applicable, they will inspect your fireplace, wood stove or insert’s glass doors. Finally, a chimney professional will finish by having you test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Each of these steps is just as critical as the next and none of them should be postponed or ignored.

It’s So Important to Clean Your Chimney Before Winter Arrives

It’s also best to do a chimney sweep in the warmer weather because if repair work needs to be done, the chimney contractor needs to make sure their materials don’t freeze and have the optimal temperature to adhere properly. The cold can delay their repair process, but it can also delay the use of your fireplace. It’s not an optimal situation when you’re ready to heat up your home and save on heating expenses but can’t. Again, another great reason to schedule your appointment soon.

Professional chimney companies are here to help keep you and your family safe and it’s their job to make sure your ventilating system is running efficiently, and your chimney is fully intact. Book your annual chimney inspection or chimney sweep now so you can feel safe and stress-free this upcoming winter season.

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