Get Used to 3D Modelling More Often and Learn How to Share Them

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If you are only just starting out, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge step from the get-go, of course, but learning 3D design and how to share your work easily is not optional anymore for professional architects. We are about to share a few easy tips to help architects ease into 3D modelling and make better use of their CAD software by going beyond 2D designs.

Don’t Use More than One 3D Modelling Software While Learning

Be careful with the 3D modelling software you choose, but once you have chosen a CAD (Computer-aided design) suite, stick to it. The reason for this suggestion is very straightforward; 3D designing takes a lot of time to learn and even more to perfect. While there are similarities between the top CAD software interfaces, the differences in commands, executables and features are far too many for a beginner to get used to it all simultaneously.

It will confuse you to no end, and instead of learning how to design 3D models on multiple CAD applications simultaneously, such an effort is more likely to hinder your expected progress and create knowledge gaps. Instead, try out a few popular options such as AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, and Autodesk Inventor in 7-day trials to see which one suits your 3D modelling and designing needs the best. Always choose the CAD software which you find the easiest to work with personally, as it’s directly related to your productive output.

Learning the Commands and Keyboard Shortcuts: Boost Your Productivity and Lower the Learning Curve

Each 3D modelling software suite has its own set of keyboard commands that you should memorise. However, instead of wasting time trying to memorise it, simply have the complete set of commands ready and highlighted on your computer. After a few weeks of usage, you won’t need to look at that list for the most utilised commands anymore.

To know how keyboard shortcuts and commands can be useful while creating a 3D design, check out this extensive list of useful commands that work in AutoCAD exceptionally well.

How to Share Your 3D Designs and Models with Others

As an architect, it is important to be able to share what you create with your clients and co-workers, which usually takes a lot of time and will likely require the installation of another heavy software as well. Xuver makes sharing easy by decreasing the time it usually takes to share your 3D designs with others. You can find more information here on their website on how anyone can easily upload, share, or even publish their 3D modelling work in a minute or less.

It isn’t uncommon to see even experienced architects and civil engineers use 2D CAD models, although 3D modelling has been made a part of all major modelling software suits for years at this point. This is a result of familiarity above all else, which makes sense, given that architects are busy professionals, and they often do not have the time to learn new things.

Sometimes, older architects are also sceptical about 3D designs in general, due to their unfamiliarity with the concept. Unfortunately, 2D models are no longer enough, and in order to stay relevant in this highly competitive business, every architect should know how to use and share 3D design elements to their advantage with CAD.