Garden design plan inspired by Indian culture

Garden design plan inspired by Indian culture.It tries to establish a link between different components and characteristics which are the essence of Indian culture.

‘The Celebration Garden’-Ankur Jajpuria

The design concept facilitates the creation of spaces which physically represent  the inherent characteristics of Indian culture. Rich, colorful, vibrant, diverse, traditional, religious are some of its key components.

The garden uses elements like color (depicting vibrancy and diversity),  pattern (depicting art and culture), design components (depicting traditions and religions), geometry (depicting rich history).


The classical lanterns or stone lamps, traditional in design giving an insight into the history of art.



The Major Design features of the garden are:

The peacock feather pattern waterway  which is an extension of the water fountain.It is inspired from the efficient ancient water systems, and the pattern evolved from Peacock feather which is the national bird of India.




Indian materials & plants.

The spatial scheme depicts the ethics of Indian culture like traditional seating, entrance portal, NorthEast orientation (an auspicious direction).In all ways, the garden celebrates its existence amidst blossom of colorful flora, beautiful patterns, and user-friendly spaces.



Landscape designer and content :  Ankur Jajpuria



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