Gallery Style Layout with Restrained Interior Palette Enhances the Showroom Purpose | Lokirev Designs

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Set in a densely woven market area in the main city of Hyderabad, the site is a very tight plot enveloped by shops on 3 sides leaving only the road side open for light, ventilation and accessibility. The client, engaged in wholesale business of hardware has been fitting his essentials in a typical market store for years, he now wanted a new store which is more like a showroom than a retail outlet. Clear about his needs, he desired the store to be very functional and yet to set a benchmark in the market for its brand.

Gallery Style Layout with Restrained Interior Palette Enhances the Showroom Purpose | Lokirev Designs

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The aim of the project was to unite two adjoining shops. The main task was to do away with elements of the existing construction and reconfigure the spaces. 

Partition wall separating the two stores was partly pulled down after considering the space for display, which made the area more open and airy to accommodate the showroom. Two shops had individual staircase and lift well so one of the shops staircase was demolished and made into reception area on ground floor and managers cabin on first floor. Similarly lift area was converted to storeroom for that particular floor. Existing two shops have been harmoniously united to form an eye catching showroom of sanitary-ware and hardware. 

Showroom is spread across two levels. Ground floor accommodates hardware store, reception area on one side and sanitary ware on the other side. First floor exclusively displays sanitary-ware. The restrained interior palette allows the products to be highlight in their new showroom. The design provides a gallery style layout presenting series of display panels. This allows the customer to touch and feel the products and keep the shopping experiential.

A simple material palette of MS frames and acrylic sheet has been opted while keeping in mind that it should be easy to maintain. It also helped in reducing the project timeline compared to the conventional methods. The sleek and clean lines of metal and white acrylic to display the products not only shift the attention of the viewer onto the fixtures, it also makes it easier to replace the display products which is regular for a showroom. The floor to ceiling MS frames create bays and gives a great viewing experience while occupying minimal space in otherwise narrow store. The reception desk is finished in corten steel that complements with the material in hardware store. The frames are painted in maroon to bring in the pop of color in neutral theme. A set of stylish and chic track lights run across the ceiling that accentuates the overall appearance. 

Mosaic floor ties together all rooms to one continuous area providing a consistent visual background for the display. The store located on one of the busiest market streets of Hyderabad had to draw people in like an art installation at a gallery would. People should come in, shop, look, take photos, get to know the brands, purchase item from them similar to an art exhibit. We believed bringing experiential aspects to the space would ultimately bring in more business and get the brands the attention they deserve. 

The apparent simplicity of the design choices is the result of a laborious and accurate study of every single detail, which has allowed to stream line and smoothen the hardware and sanitary products and to obtain an essential design with a firm character. 


Designed by : Lokirev Designs

Project Type : Retail Interiors

Project Name : Showroom for Hardware & Sanitary-ware

Location : Hyderabad

Year Built : 2021

Area : 3500 sq.ft

Project Cost Appx : 40 Lakhs

Principal Architect : Ar. Gauthami Lokirev

Photograph Courtesy : Gopi Krishna

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