Furnace Problems You Might Encounter as a Homeowner, and How To Fix Them


Becoming familiar with all of the components that make your home run is important. The more you know about each of these components, the easier it will be to spot problems with them early on. The sooner you can fix problems with your home’s various systems, the less damage you will have. During the winter months, one of the most important parts in your home to maintain is the furnace.

This HVAC component heats the cold air from outside of your home and disperses it through your vents. Knowing what to do when the furnace breaks down can help you minimize the worry and stress that you feel when issues arise. 

Here are some common furnace problems you might encounter as a homeowner, and what you can do to fix them.

The Furnace Won’t Turn On Automatically

The overwhelming majority of the furnaces in homes across America are more than five years old. As a furnace gets older, the problems you might experience will increase. When it is working properly, the thermostat detects the temperature in your home has fallen below the current settings. Then, it sends a signal to your HVAC unit to turn on.

If you notice that your furnace isn’t coming on automatically, then you need to figure out why this is happening. One of the first things you need to check is your circuit breaker. If the power coming from this breaker has been cut off, the furnace will not function properly.

If the circuit breaker is still turned on, then you might be experiencing a problem with your thermostat. Allowing an HVAC professional to inspect this vital component will help you figure out if it needs to be replaced.

Problems With Your Blower

Does it seem like the blower attached to your furnace is running constantly? If so, you need to figure out what is causing this problem as soon as possible. In some cases, problems with the limit switch will keep your blower from turning off. If your blower is making a lot of noise while in operation, then your belt might need to be lubricated.

Instead of waiting until these problems cause a breakdown, it’s important to invest in routine furnace maintenance. During these regular visits, an HVAC professional will inspect your blower motor and perform the necessary work to keep it running efficiently. While you will have to pay for this professional help, it will be worth it in the long run.

A Lack of Warm Air

There are so many problems that can occur with a residential furnace. Severe furnace issues may rob you of the ability to keep your home warm during the cold days of winter. If you feel lukewarm or cold air coming from your vents, then you need to determine why this is happening. Pilot light problems, clogged air vents and a damaged heating element are all problems that can cause a lack of hot air.

The only way to figure out the underlying issue causing this problem and fix it properly is by hiring a knowledgeable HVAC professional to check it out. These professionals will be able to inspect and pinpoint the cause of this problem in a hurry, and replace the damaged part in a hurry.

As soon as you start to experience furnace issues, you need to work on getting them addressed. The longer these issues linger, the more damage they will do to your HVAC system.