• Five Types of Mattresses People Own

    A comfortable night’s sleep is really important for an active day. There are various factors that contribute to your sound sleep, the most important one being your mattress. People usually do not pay much attention to their mattress when in reality it is one of the biggest causes of uncomfortable sleep.

    When it comes to mattresses, buyers today have several options to choose from. Buying a mattress is surely exciting but how do you decide which one is the best for you? Choosing the right mattress is not as easy as it seems. If you have any health issues such as chronic back pain, it is best to consult your doctor for guidance on which mattress will suit you best. If not, you just need to do some research on the types of mattresses available in the market and choose the one you think is best for a good night’s sleep.

    In order to help you out, we have compiled a list of the 5 most common mattress people own, along with their pros and cons.

    1)Innerspring Mattress

    Yes, these are the bouncy mattresses that kids love to jump on. The metal coils inside these mattresses are connected to a single unit. The more coils inside the mattress, the better you sleep. This is the standard type of spring mattress. With advancements in technology, the coils have changed as well. There is a variety of coils or springs you can find — there are continuous coils, Bonnell coils, offset coils, and pocket coils. If you are looking for a comfortable innerspring mattress, King mattress has a range of premium spring mattresses made with super soft stretch knit fabrics to provide ultimate comfort. 


    • The innerspring mattress is a consumer-friendly choice; they are affordable and comfortable.
    • Easily available.
    • Provide sufficient support.


    • Consistent use of the mattress reduces its effectiveness after some time.
    • Not the most durable choice
    • 2)Natural Fiber Mattress

    You might have come across this type of mattress if you have surveyed the mattress market at least once. These mattresses are made of natural materials instead of low-quality synthetic fibers. If you are an eco-friendly person, this may be the ideal choice for you. Do not worry because your comfort is not compromised with these mattresses.


    • Durability is guaranteed. Organic wool, cotton, or any other material used in their manufacture lasts for years.
    • Temperature is regulated due to the natural material used.
    • Mattresses that have latex are fire-resistant.
    • Many of the natural materials used are renewable – if you love nature, you can express it with this mattress.


    • Usually an expensive option since everything used for making it is natural and therefore requires longer manufacturing.
    • Many of the ‘natural fiber mattresses’ being sold in the market only contain a small amount of natural fiber and the rest is a blend of cheap synthetic fibers so you may think you are paying higher for a natural fiber mattress but get a cheap synthetic piece instead.

    3)Memory-Foam Mattress

    These are foam mattresses known for adapting to your body shape, so that you feel like sleeping inside the mattress, instead of on it. They were first introduced in the 1970s as part of NASA’s contract. First, they were limited for use in aircraft for better seat cushioning. Due to advancements in the mattress industry, mattresses are also available in this material now. If you always wake up in pain and feel restless through the night, these mattresses can serve you best.


    • The mattress is resistant to molds and bacteria.
    • The body-weight disperses evenly in the mattress making your sleep cycle more relaxing and calming.
    • Your spine stays in a good position.


    • Some people claim that the mattress gets too hot to sleep in, given its ability to adjust to your body while you sleep.
    • 4)Hybrid Mattress

    The most innovative type of mattress is a hybrid mattress. As the name suggests, a hybrid mattress is a combination of the material used in different mattresses. There are several advantages of hybrid mattresses due to their innovative manufacture.


    • The pocketed coils result in deeper and restful sleep. The tosses and turns during sleep are reduced.
    • They are not very expensive, making them a budget-friendly option.
    • The pressure on sensitive areas is relieved and the temperature of your body stays under control.


    • They can be expensive.
    • 5)Latex Mattress

    Latex mattresses are becoming increasingly popular with time due to their comfort and durability. They are made from natural latex, which is sourced from rubber trees.  Given their natural properties, these mattresses contain no harsh chemicals, with some being biodegradable.Learn more on Sleepy best latex mattress guide.


    • You can experience better sleeping cycles as the mattress is able to adapt to your body, like a foam mattress.
    • You maintain a good posture, resulting in fewer body aches and joint pains.


    • The quality of the product is high but the cost is normally high as well.
    • These mattresses are heavier in weight.

    The Takeaway

    Buying a mattress that ensures you get a comfortable night’s sleep is essential for your overall health and wellbeing. Most people find it hard to decide which mattress will suit them the best but a bit of research can help you make the right choice. These five types of mattresses are by far the best varieties of mattresses out there today. You can choose any one of these for an improved sleep cycle, reduced body aches, and better overall health.

    You can always buy these kinds of mattresses without breaking the bank and use coupons like Chilisleep discount codes to save.

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